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Product News : Sencha Updates its Web Application Development Platform
on 2017/6/28 7:41:39 (1432 reads)
Product News

Sencha has announced updates to its comprehensive Web Application Development Platform -- including Ext JS 6.5, Architect 4.2, Themer 1.2, Cmd 6.5 and Test 2.1.

Ext JS 6.5
Ext JS supplies developers with everything they need to build data-intensive, cross-platform web applications. Key features include:
* New and improved components. Significant performance-enhancing updates have been made to Dialog, Date Panel and the Modern Grid.
* Rich data visualization and data analytics capabilities. New charts and components, upgrades to D3 and sophisticated data analysis support make analyzing and interpreting data simpler than ever before.
* Virtual Store. Improvements to Virtual Store make managing and scrolling through massive data sets effortless.
* Data entry intensive application support. New support for Forms enhancements including field validation, input masking box labels and a new ComboBox component.

Architect 4.2
Architect 4.2 lets developers quickly and easily build modern Ext JS applications. By using visual drag-and-drop features to automatically generate application code that is optimized for high performance, Architect 4.2 reduces the need for manual coding, eliminating human error. Key features include:
* New plugins. Visually build Ext JS applications with Grid, Tree and Pivot Grid.
* Updated code view editor. New editing capabilities support the use of ECMAScript 2015 (ES6).
* Support for new themes. Leverage more than 300 new theme variables from Ext JS 6.5 and directly import themes from Themer 1.2.

Themer 1.2
Themer 1.2 now supports all of the exciting enhancements and new components in Ext JS 6.5. With more than 300+ new Sass variables in Ext JS 6.5, teams can create visually stunning applications using Ext JS 6.5 in conjunction with Themer 1.2. Key features include:
* Theme new components. Adjust the Sass parameters for the new Ext JS 6.5 components including Datepanel, Dialog, and more without writing a single line of code.
* Theme Form Validations. Customize error validations with error message fonts, line heights, under margins, as well as error icon colors.
* Theme Menus. Create a UI mixin or change the styles of the menu border, header, icon colors, menu body, menu item, menu separator, as well different states of menu items.

Cmd 6.5
Cmd provides developers with a full set of lifecycle management features to optimize their Ext JS apps. Key features include:
* Dynamic Package Loading. Create a smooth loading experience for large applications.
* Build Progressive Web Apps. Provide a richer mobile experience and enable offline access to web applications and application availability on low-quality networks.
* Support for ECMAScript 2015 (ES6). Create Ext JS applications using the latest advances in JavaScript standards.

Sencha Test 2.1
Sencha Test 2.1 provides developers and quality assurance teams with new features that improve their ability to create tests, manage defects and store test results. New features include:
* Inspection. Inspect components and elements on Ext JS applications for faster test creation.
* Test management and storage. Execute tests from Sencha Studio and store test results on the local archive server.
* JIRA integration. Publish bugs directly to JIRA.
* Visual Testing. Users can perform visual testing directly from Sencha Studio.

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