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Product News : DataStax Community Edition 1.2 Announced
on 2013/1/11 7:54:17 (571 reads)
Product News

DataStax, the company that powers the apps that transform business, today announced DataStax Community Edition 1.2, the latest version of Apache Cassandra™, the massively scalable open-source NoSQL database. The new release comes with a free edition of DataStax OpsCenter, the #1 visual management and monitoring solution in use today for Cassandra, which enables developers to manage and monitor their Cassandra clusters in point-and-click fashion from any location and from nearly any device.

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Product News : Kovair Announces Its Release 7.0 for Enterprise Class ALM and ITSM Products
on 2013/1/11 7:51:29 (578 reads)
Product News

Kovair Software, Inc. today announced the Release 7.0 of its enterprise class Development and IT Tools products generally offered as the ALM Studio, ITSM Studio and Omnibus Integration Platform. The major focus area for this release is to provide Kovair's current and future users with a Web 2.0 User Interface experience that is consistent with the Social Media UI that users are looking for in all the applications that they use currently.

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Product News : Atollic adds fault analysis feature to TrueSTUDIO debugger for ARM Cortex-M3/M4 microcontrollers
on 2013/1/9 7:15:41 (606 reads)
Product News

Jonkoping, Sweden, 9th January 2013  – Atollic® today announced the availability of a new fault analysis feature for the Atollic TrueSTUDIO IDE when developing C/C++ projects for ARM Cortex-M3 or Cortex-M4 microcontrollers. Added to the debugger, the fault analyzer functions aid developers to identify and resolve hard-to-find system faults that occur when the CPU has been driven into a fault condition by the application software. The fault analyzer feature interprets information extracted from the Cortex-M nested vector interrupt controller (NVIC) in order to identify the reasons that caused the fault. Typically, this may include division by zero errors, accessing invalid memory locations or accessing memory locations on misaligned boundaries.

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Product News :  RationalPlan Project Management Software 4.2 – Increased Productivity And Ubuntu Adoption
on 2013/1/9 7:13:44 (621 reads)
Product News

Project management software provider RationalPlan just released their latest version 4.2. Current version offers increased productivity for managers by reducing the time needed to handle resource allocations. At the same time the company decided it is the right moment to expand on Ubuntu market. Hence the application now offers native integration with Ubuntu operating system.

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Product News : ICEmobile 1.2 Open SourceMobile Java EE Apps Platform Announced
on 2013/1/8 8:29:24 (563 reads)

ICEsoft Technologies Inc., a leading global supplier of open-source technologies for enterprise, announced today that ICEmobile 1.2 is shipping. ICEmobile is an open-source project for the development of mobile applications using pure Java EE, web-based techniques. With ICEmobile, you build a single web application that looks, feels, and behaves like a native application on any of the world's most popular mobile devices, with no need for native mobile application development.

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Product News : Scala 2.10.0 now available!
on 2013/1/7 4:22:20 (653 reads)
Product News

The Scala project announced the final release of Scala 2.10.0! Many thanks for your bug reports and pull requests (both code and documentation) that helped us pull this release together. You can find the new Scala 2.10.0 on our Download Page. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be publishing guides to help you migrate your projects to 2.10, and to highlight the features waiting for you after upgrading.

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Product News : SpiraTest, SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam 4.0 Now Available
on 2013/1/7 3:50:35 (1264 reads)
Product News

Inflectra announced the full release of SpiraTest, SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam v4.0. This new version includes a major update to the user interface, support for mobile devides (iPod, iPad and Android), enhanced custom properties and workflows and a new custom report generator.

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Product News : Onit Launches Onit App Builder
on 2012/12/27 8:56:35 (794 reads)
Product News

Onit, Inc., a leading provider of business productivity and process management Apps, announced that it launched Onit App Builder, a process automation platform that combines business process management, collaboration and project management functionality into one innovative SaaS tool. Onit App Builder allows business users to easily develop and deploy Apps to facilitate continuous improvement of critical business processes.

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Product News : Tasktop Releases Sync Support for IBM Rational Team Concert
on 2012/12/27 8:18:39 (798 reads)
Product News

Tasktop Technologies announced that its Tasktop Sync 2.5 provides full support for Rational Team Concert (RTC) 4.0, a major new release of IBM’s ALM collaboration platform. With improvements to RTC’s build, User Interface and the Web client functionality now available, Tasktop Sync provides deeper data integration and connects RTC to a growing number of tools, such as JIRA, HP Quality Center and Microsoft Team Foundation Server to improve enterprise development productivity and efficiency.

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Product News : ITTIA DB SQL for MicroC/OS-II Available
on 2012/12/27 8:13:15 (828 reads)
Product News

 ITTIA releases a new version of its embedded database, ITTIA DB SQL, for the μC/OS-II real-time kernel and μC/FS file system from Micriµm. For embedded software development, ITTIA DB SQL and μC/OS-II provide a solid foundation on which complex multitasking applications can be built. ITTIA DB SQL, a compact embedded database, uses the multithreading primitives in μC/OS-II so that an application can connect to the same database concurrently from multiple tasks. The kernel, drivers, libraries, and application code are all compiled together into a single execution unit. μC/OS-II is a multitasking operating system kernel for microprocessors and microcontrollers that is preemptive, real-time, and scalable. The combination of ITTIA DB SQL and μC/OS-II empowers compact, easy to use and flexible embedded and mobile application development.

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