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Product News : LiquidPlanner 4 Delivers Simplified Project Management
on 2012/12/12 7:35:56 (798 reads)
Product News

Today, LiquidPlanner -- developer of the industry's only priority-based, predictive project management solution -- announced the fourth generation of its product: LiquidPlanner 4. The new version has more than 50 design changes that improve the overall user experience and reduce the time it takes to manage projects. Highlighted features of the latest release include a complete redesign of the individual and project portfolio views, a dedicated inbox, and dynamic status reports for people and projects. These enhancements, combined with LiquidPlanner's leading priority-based scheduling engine, simplify management of complex projects so teams can get more done using their existing resources.

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Product News : Typemock Releases Free Unit Testing Tool
on 2012/12/11 6:47:43 (684 reads)
Product News

Typemock now offers all developers a free mocking and unit testing alternative to open source and other free mocking tools. Typemock Isolator Basic includes many of the most useful and powerful unit testing components available based in its leading enterprise tools at no cost.

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Product News : Embarcadero Launches New C++Builder Developer Platform
on 2012/12/10 9:07:22 (687 reads)
Product News

Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, today launched Embarcadero C++Builder® XE3, a new C++ development platform for multi-device development. C++Builder® XE3 implements a completely new multi-targeting native compiler architecture that extends Embarcadero's long C++ lineage for developers, ISVs and enterprises who need to build high-performance applications for multiple devices. The new release supports natively targeting Windows 8 and Mac OS X PCs, laptops and Intel-based mobile devices from a single C++ codebase and development effort. Plans for iOS and Android ARM mobile device support have been announced for 2013.

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Product News : SoftLayer and 10gen Launch Fully Engineered MongoDB Systems
on 2012/12/5 11:35:12 (696 reads)
Product News

10gen, the MongoDB company, and SoftLayer Technologies, a leading provider of global cloud infrastructure, today announced the general availability of new on-demand MongoDB production-class systems available across SoftLayer's global cloud infrastructure.  The companies collaborated to engineer the systems, including optimized hardware and OS configurations, automated deployment of multi-data center clusters, and integrated monitoring and support. MongoDB Cloud Subscriptions is a new offering from 10gen of certified pre-built MongoDB systems.

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Product News : MetaEdit+ 5.0 integrates rich graphical DSLs with Eclipse and Visual Studio
on 2012/12/4 6:09:11 (701 reads)
Product News

MetaCase, the leading provider of Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) tools, has announced the release of a new, feature rich version of their flagship software development tool, MetaEdit+®. MetaEdit+ 5.0 lets you create top-notch graphical domain-specific languages and code generators in a few hours. The rich graphical notations go beyond plain icons and links: they can change on the fly depending on model data, be nested to unlimited depth, retrieved from libraries, and have a fixed or dynamically varying number of ports to connect to. These new features allow domain-specific models to mimic closely the problem domains they describe.

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Product News : SkySQL and Monty Program Release the MariaDB Client Library for C and MariaDB Client Library for Java Applications
on 2012/11/29 8:08:40 (699 reads)
Product News

SkySQL, the trusted provider of open source database solutions, and Monty Program, the home of MariaDB, owned by MySQL®-database-creator Monty Widenius and its employees, today announced the immediate availability of its connectors, 'MariaDB Client Library for C and MariaDB Client Library for Java Applications,' to the wider MySQL® database community in the permissive LGPL license.

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Product News : Visure Works with HP to Extend Software Requirements Processes and Collaboration
on 2012/11/28 9:37:34 (639 reads)
Product News

Visure Solutions, the Requirements Lifecycle Management company, announced today certified integration of Visure Requirements with HP Application Lifecycle Management to help organizations ease compliance concerns by streamlining embedded software development.

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Product News : Forum Systems Drives BYOD for Global Enterprises
on 2012/11/28 9:28:16 (669 reads)
Product News

Forum Systems, a Crosscheck Networks, Inc. company, today announced significant enhancements to its Forum Sentry Security Gateway that allow organizations worldwide to more seamlessly, securely extend their enterprise networks to the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and other leading mobile device platforms.

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Product News : JReport Enhances Dashboard and Mobile Delivery With In-Memory Performance
on 2012/11/28 9:17:47 (673 reads)
Product News

Jinfonet Software, the leading provider in Java reporting, announces that JReport 11.1 is now generally available. The new release boasts increased performance for better scalability and report generation as well as enhanced data visualization and interactivity for reports and dashboards through Web and mobile interfaces.

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Product News : Altia Announces GUI Development Support for Freescale’s New i.MX 6 Series Processors
on 2012/11/28 9:15:49 (625 reads)
Product News

Early this year, Altia, Incorporated announced support of Freescale® Semiconductor’s new Vybrid™ controller solution devices. The winning combination of Freescale's powerful silicon for multi-screen graphics and Altia's Design and DeepScreen user interface engineering tools enable Vybrid controller solution customers to quickly and successfully implement and market products with sophisticated graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Today, Altia announces development of a new product to support a new family of products from Freescale Semiconductor – the i.MX 6 series processors.

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