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Product News : Review Assistant 1.1 with Git support and Pre-Commit Review for TFS
on 2012/10/30 23:26:25 (535 reads)
Product News

If you've enjoyed working with Review Assistant 1.0, the 1.1 version of the code review tool will deliver an even more comfortable and intuitive code inspection process. Devart developers have been diligently going through all the customers' recommendations, and many improvements in the new version were inspired by comments received via Uservoice.

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Product News : RAD Studio XE3 Support in dbForge Fusion for MySQL
on 2012/10/30 23:23:21 (511 reads)
Product News

Devart Team is catching up with the release of RAD Studio XE3 in September and expands its support in Devart's products. dbForge Fusion for MySQL now integrates with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3.

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Product News : Catch Software Releases Enterprise Tester Plus
on 2012/10/29 4:27:56 (531 reads)
Product News

Catch Software, a leading provider of quality management solutions, announced the release of ET+. This latest release of their flagship product, Enterprise Tester, adds additional services and support to enterprise-level customers, to ensure that they receive the best out of their quality assurance tooling investment. Additions include priority support, training and exclusive quarterly webinars. ET+ is the next step for those enterprise customers who want more from their test management partner.

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Product News : FatCloud Enables New Platform for .NET Mobile, Cloud and Web Applications
on 2012/10/29 4:18:00 (471 reads)
Product News

FatCloud launches today, introducing a new IT development and management platform that delivers .NET applications in less time and at lower cost. The company behind the eponymous cloud-enabled application platform, backed by invention company Elevator Labs, also makes its public debut after nearly five years of team- and product-building.

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Product News :  Telerik Unveils Icenium Integrated Cloud Environment
on 2012/10/29 4:10:16 (620 reads)
Product News

Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application, lifecycle and content management solutions, announced the availability of Icenium, the industry’s first Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE), reinventing cross-platform mobile development. Icenium combines the power and flexibility of the cloud with the convenience of a local development environment, simplifying developers’ ability to write code seamlessly, with unparalleled productivity. With Icenium, developers are no longer tethered to a place, nor are they beholden to a single platform – they are instead free to code on Mac OS X or Windows and target iOS or Android easily. Telerik is advancing mobile app development with a breakthrough alternative that replaces the outmoded IDE approach and offers developers the most technologically advanced tools and modern coding environment.

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Product News : RationalPlan 4.1 Is Ready For Project Managers To Control Their Projects
on 2012/10/28 23:02:43 (492 reads)
Product News

RationalPlan version 4.1 is out. In this release were added some new features requested by users while others were improved: a customizable subject can now be used when sending emails with assignments to resources, more fields were added when exporting to spreadsheets, improved reporting and a faster way to establish the project workflow and to create dependencies.

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Presentations : Flyway: Database Java Migration Open Source Framework
on 2012/10/23 13:51:21 (1374 reads)

Flyway is a popular open source database migration framework for Java. It brings structure and confidence to the evolution of your database schema. It is really easy to use, yet powerful and both developer and DBA-friendly. Flyway supports the industry’s most common databases including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HsqlDB, H2 and Derby. Migrations can be written in plain old SQL or Java and can be executed through the API, the Maven plugin, the Ant tasks or the Command-Line tool.


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Product News : MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Database on Hadoop Released
on 2012/10/23 7:41:54 (639 reads)
Product News

MarkLogic Corporation today announced the MarkLogic® enterprise NoSQL database running directly on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). With this latest innovation, Hadoop customers benefit from MarkLogic enterprise features -- such as ACID transactions, role-based security, full-text search, and the flexibility of a granular document data model for real-time applications -- while also leveraging their existing Hadoop infrastructure.

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Product News : ITTIA DB SQL 5.5 Integrates with Many Popular Development Frameworks
on 2012/10/23 4:34:13 (544 reads)
Product News

ITTIA releases ITTIA DB SQL 5.5, the newest version of its database for developers of applications for embedded systems and mobile platforms. This new release offers the most complete embedded data management experience, with capabilities once available only to PC applications, including high reliability, comprehensive security options, Qt user interface integration, Python and Lua scripting, JDBC compatibility, and replication. Embedded devices can also synchronize their local databases with Microsoft® SQL Server® and Oracle® on Windows and Linux servers.

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Company News : Rackspace announces Open Cloud SDKs for Java & PHP
on 2012/10/22 5:59:24 (688 reads)

Since Rackspace’s cloud is based, in large part, on the OpenStack suite of open-source cloud services, each service provides an application programming interface (API) so that these services can be controlled programmatically. To assist developers, Rackspace is providing a set of software development kits (SDKs) for working with these APIs in specific programming languages. These SDKs each provide a set of API bindings so that programmers do not have to use the REST API directly. In addition, the SDK’s behavior is familiar to the users of that language. Each SDK also provides documentation to help users get started with it, along with tested, working sample code that developers can use for their applications today!

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