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Product News : NoSQL Graph Database Neo4j 3.2 Released
on 2017/5/11 8:55:44 (1352 reads)
Product News

Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world's leading graph database, today announced the release of Neo4j 3.2, a major product release that introduces new enterprise scaling, governance and security capabilities and improves native graph performance, which make it easier to deploy Neo4j at a global scale. Neo4j 3.2 adds multi-data center capabilities enabling customers to build the next generation of global internet scale applications. Also new to Neo4j are governance and security features ranging from new schema constraints to Kerberos support to advanced query monitoring.

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Presentations : Open Source Database Testing Tools
on 2017/5/9 5:50:19 (2415 reads)

Database testing is one of the areas that might have the smaller number of open source tools. The programming languages have many xUnit tools and mocking frameworks, but this is not the case for databases. This article provides a list of open source tools that can be used to perform unit, load and security testing on several relational and NoSQL databases.


Explore the list of open source database testing tools on

Presentations : DbFit - Automated Open Source Database Testing
on 2017/5/9 5:46:03 (1814 reads)

DbFit is an open source tool for automated database testing. Gojko Adzic initially created this tool with the goal to enable efficient database testing – in order to motivate database developers to use an automated testing framework. DbFit is based on the FitNesse framework that enables defining tests in readable and easy to maintain tabular format. It supports many relational databases, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.



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Product News : EnterpriseDB Integrates With Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
on 2017/5/4 8:17:42 (1133 reads)
Product News

EnterpriseDB® (EDB™), the database platform company for digital business, announced that EDB has collaborated with Red Hat to accelerate access to the EDB Postgres™ Platform on Red Hat OpenShift® Container Application Platform. Red Hat designated EDB as a member of the OpenShift Primed program to acknowledge EDB's development of a containerized EDB Postgres Platform. EDB Postgres Advanced Server (database) and EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery can be easily provisioned and managed through Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. EDB's Red Hat-certified container images will be published in the Red Hat Container Catalog.

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Company News : SmartBear Announces Acquisition by Francisco Partners
on 2017/5/4 7:54:32 (944 reads)
Company News

SmartBear Software has announced that Francisco Partners, a leading global technology-focused private equity firm, has acquired a majority stake in the company designed to support the company’s accelerated growth. Terms of the transaction were not announced.

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Product News : Azul Systems Improves Java Runtime Performance with Falcon
on 2017/5/4 7:40:00 (832 reads)
Product News

Azul Systems (Azul), the award-winning leader in Java runtime solutions, has announced the availability of Zing 17.03, including its new "Falcon" Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler. The Falcon compiler is a high-performance optimizing JIT compiler for Cloud and server-based applications, and is designed to replace the legacy "C2" JIT compiler used in prior versions of Zing as well as in Oracle HotSpot.

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Product News : SpiraTeam 5.2 Released by Inflectra
on 2017/5/4 7:22:42 (2597 reads)
Product News

Inflectra® is pleased to announce the release of SpiraTeam 5.2, the latest version of its award-winning application lifecycle management (ALM) suite. This new version includes the latest SpiraTest 5.2 for quality assurance and test management as well as the latest SpiraPlan 5.2 for agile software development.

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Product News : Jenkins Community Introduces Blue Ocean
on 2017/4/26 9:44:23 (969 reads)

The Jenkins project, comprised of a community of practitioners using Jenkins, announced the official release (1.0) and general availability of Blue Ocean, its dramatic new UX implementation. The anticipated launch of Blue Ocean brings a new user experience to Jenkins based on a personalized, modern design that allows users to graphically create, visualize and diagnose continuous delivery pipelines. This is more than just putting a modern face on Jenkins: Blue Ocean re-imagines the Jenkins user experience by enabling teams to more easily adopt continuous delivery. CloudBees, Inc., the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, founded the Blue Ocean project and subsequently open sourced the software.

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Product News : Oracle Brings Oracle Databases and Developer Tools to Docker
on 2017/4/19 9:15:53 (1785 reads)
Product News

Oracle has announced that it is collaborating with Docker to release its flagship databases, middleware and developer tools into the Docker Store marketplace via the Docker Certification Program. Together, Oracle and Docker enable developers to quickly build cloud-native applications using Docker Enterprise Edition as their container platform and Oracle's databases and developer tools immediately available as Docker containers through the Docker Store. The Docker Certification Program is a framework for partners to integrate and certify their technology to the Docker EE commercial platform.

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Product News : New MemSQL Release Extends Security and Amazon S3 Ingest Capabilities
on 2017/4/19 8:52:42 (1009 reads)
Product News

MemSQL, provider of the fastest database platform for real-time analytics, today announced an updated MemSQL release that includes an advanced security option with extended enterprise security features. The update also includes new high performance ingest capabilities for Amazon S3 cloud storage with exactly-once semantics.

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