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Product News : Embarcadero Announces RAD Studio Desktop Bridge Support for Windows 10 Deployments
on 2017/1/11 9:28:43 (523 reads)

Embarcadero Technologies has announced that RAD Studio is the first integrated development environment (IDE) to provide built-in support for packaging Win32 and Win64 applications for deployment to the Windows 10 Desktop Bridge, and into the Windows 10 Store. This opens the path for developers to deliver millions of existing apps – along with new applications – to hundreds of millions of Windows users in minutes

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Product News : ActiveState Enhances ActivePython's Test Driven Development Capabilities
on 2017/1/11 8:48:40 (476 reads)
Product News

ActiveState, the open source languages company, announced the release of an enhanced ActivePython 2.7.12 and ActivePython 3.5.2. In addition to expanding support for test driven development (TDD), this release also includes some of the most popular Python packages including VirtualEnv, Requests, Six, Simplejson, DateUtil, and MarkupSafe. ActivePython now also includes ActiveState's polyglot IDE, Komodo.

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Company News : MariaDB Now Supports Big Data Analytics
on 2017/1/3 8:22:36 (926 reads)

MariaDB® Corporation has announced the general availability of MariaDB ColumnStore 1.0, a powerful open source columnar storage engine. With this release, MariaDB has united transactional and analytic processing with a single front end to deliver an enterprise-grade solution that simplifies high-performance, big data analytics.

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Company News : Sauce Labs Acquires TestObject to Expand Real Device Mobile App Testing Platform
on 2016/12/13 10:04:30 (800 reads)
Company News

Sauce Labs announced its acquisition of TestObject, a real device mobile app testing platform. The combined solution positions Sauce Labs as the only vendor providing automated testing coverage across desktops, emulators, simulators, and real devices for web applications and mobile, web, hybrid and native apps.

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Product News : JNBridge Debuts JNBridgePro 8.0
on 2016/12/13 9:55:07 (612 reads)
Product News

JNBridge, the leading provider of interoperability tools to connect Java and .NET frameworks, today unveiled the latest version of JNBridgePro. JNBridgePro 8.0 addresses cross-platform interoperability in the context of software frameworks, where developers extend framework-supplied scaffolding code through the overriding of behaviors. JNBridgePro 8.0 achieves this through cross-platform overrides and cross-platform inheritance from abstract classes. Modernized icons and controls round out the new release to deliver the industry's best answer to interoperability headaches.

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Company News : CA Technologies Acquires Automic
on 2016/12/13 9:46:46 (830 reads)
Company News

CA Technologies has announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Automic Holding GmbH, a leader in business automation software that drives competitive advantage by automating IT and business processes. The transaction, valued at approximately 600 million euros, net of cash and cash equivalents acquired, has been unanimously approved by both Boards of Directors, and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of CA’s fiscal 2017. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Automic has approximately 600 employees across Europe, North America and Asia.

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Product News : WebLOAD Adds Network Emulation Support and More in WebLOAD 10.5
on 2016/12/13 9:42:38 (682 reads)
Product News

WebLOAD 10.5 introduces Advanced Network Emulation. In addition to controlling the bandwidth/connection speed as in previous releases, you are able to control upload/download bandwidth, latency/delay, and packet loss. WebLOAD lets you control this kind of emulation at several levels. You can set these numbers to all of your virtual users, specify them for specific load generator/s, control your mix of agendas, or even a specific virtual user. This gives you the ability to simulate different users, each reaching your server from a different network.

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Product News : SpiraTeam 5.1 Released by Inflectra
on 2016/12/13 8:52:57 (1075 reads)
Product News

Inflectra is pleased to announce the release of SpiraTeam 5.1, the latest version of its award-winning application lifecycle management (ALM) suite. The latest version of SpiraTeam brings together major enhancements in performance and usability along with the ability to break the project paradigm for the first time. With SpiraTeam 5.1, you can take control of even the most complex programs.

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Product News : PHP 7.0.0 Released
on 2016/12/9 7:46:08 (880 reads)
Product News

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.0.0. This release marks the start of the new major PHP 7 series. The release being introduced is an outcome of the almost two years development journey. It is a very special accomplishment of the core team. And, it is a result of incredible efforts of many active community members. Indeed, it is not just a final release being brought out today, it is the rise of a new PHP generation with an enormous potential.

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Product News : OpenMake Release Engineer to be Offered as Open Source
on 2016/12/6 10:54:22 (640 reads)
Product News

OpenMake Software announced it will offer its Application Release Automation (ARA) Solution, Release Engineer, as an Open Source offering under the FreeBSD License.  The Open Source offering will be available March of 2017 and will be based on the 7.7 version of Release Engineer, available GA December 15th, 2017.

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