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Company News : Neo Technology Gets $36M Funding
on 2016/11/15 9:51:16 (677 reads)
Company News

Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j graph database, has secured $36 million in new funding, further propelling graph technology into the mainstream and validating the value of the graph market as the space continues to heat up. Neo Technology has been awarded a Series D investment of $36M (USD) from Greenbridge Investment Partners and existing investors including Sunstone, Creandum and Eight Roads Ventures.

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Product News : Sencha Delivers New Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform
on 2016/11/15 9:15:45 (614 reads)
Product News

Sencha has announced the next generation of its Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform. The Sencha Platform allows developers to design, build and test data-intensive web applications and deliver the right user experience, on the right screen, at the right time. Key benefits include increased developer productivity, improved application quality and accelerated time-to-market for cross-platform web applications.

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Product News : CollabNet Announces DevOps Lifecycle Manager
on 2016/11/8 9:21:07 (552 reads)
Product News

CollabNet has announced CollabNet DevOps Lifecycle Manager (DLM). This platform advances DevOps with innovation that connects software development with operations and the business in several new ways. CollabNet DLM improves processes by providing traceability and visibility to the entire software development lifecycle including across DevOps tool chains. At the operational level, it enables strong business decisions by providing insightful KPI reports across the entire lifecycle from planning to operations. CollabNet DLM also increases efficiency by automating and orchestrating processes.

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Product News : SAP to Unveil SAP HANA 2
on 2016/11/8 9:14:59 (413 reads)
Product News

SAP has announced the SAP HANA® 2 platform, the next generation of SAP HANA optimized for innovation. SAP HANA 2 includes and extends the proven technology from SAP's breakthrough in-memory computing platform to provide a new foundation for digital transformation. In addition, new SAP HANA microservices are available by subscription through the SAP® Hybris® as a Service (informally referred to as "YaaS") marketplace to spur developer innovation by embedding richer insight into modern applications.

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Product News : BigLever Launches onePLE
on 2016/11/8 8:35:18 (314 reads)
Product News

BigLever Software has introduced onePLE, a holistic solution that enables organizations to achieve competitive advantage by freeing up more time for product innovation and rapidly sharing those innovations across a product line portfolio. Product Line Engineering (PLE) is a leading-edge approach that removes engineering complexity and streamlines the creation, delivery and evolution of a product line. With onePLE, BigLever is combining its state-of-the-art PLE technology and methods with the business strategy and organizational change needed to accelerate PLE adoption -- allowing companies to use PLE to create and bring more product innovations to market faster, more efficiently, and more competitively.

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Product News : SmartBear AlertSite Now Supports Selenium WebDriver
on 2016/11/8 8:16:47 (701 reads)
Product News

SmartBear Software has announced the integration of AlertSite with Selenium, the popular front end testing framework for web applications. The integration builds upon SmartBear’s previous efforts of enabling software teams to do more with their existing Selenium test scripts – first with TestComplete, QAComplete and CrossBrowserTesting, and now with AlertSite.

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Product News : Ansible 2.2 Delivers New Automation for Containers and Cloud Services
on 2016/11/1 10:09:11 (731 reads)
Product News

Red Hat has announced the general availability of Ansible 2.2, the latest version of the leading simple, powerful, and agentless open source IT automation framework. Ansible 2.2 brings performance enhancements, expanded container and Windows automation capabilities, and several new modules, including those for networking, cloud provider platforms, and expanded vault support.

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Product News : MongoDB 3.4 Released
on 2016/11/1 9:34:31 (691 reads)
Product News

MongoDB has announced MongoDB 3.4, the latest version of its NoSQL database. MongoDB 3.4 adds key features that embrace additional data models, combining operational and analytical processing, elastic cross-region scaling and sophisticated operational tooling to simplify data management for customers.

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Product News : IBM Delivers DB2 Hybrid Cloud Database
on 2016/10/25 13:15:42 (693 reads)
Product News

IBM has introduced significant advances in its industry leading database software, IBM DB2, helping companies lower their operating costs while bringing together transactions and analytics in the same database to increase the speed of real-time data analysis. The new DB2 will incorporate hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP) available for Linux, Unix, Windows, and z/OS in December.

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Product News : SmartBear Releases Enhanced Support for REST API Security Testing
on 2016/10/25 12:31:17 (461 reads)
Product News

SmartBear Software released a major update to its API readiness platform, Ready! API, focusing on the security of APIs. The release comes at a time when security risks for APIs in particular have become a major issue, as many enterprises continue to move digital assets to the cloud. Experts too have identified API security as a major link in the chain leading to other security incidents including those with Buffer, Apple iCloud and Adobe. SmartBear’s Ready! API is a unified set of graphical and code-based testing tools that includes Secure Pro for dynamic API security testing, SoapUI NG Pro for functional testing, LoadUI NG Pro for load testing, ServiceV Pro for API service virtualization and TestServer for Continuous Integration environments.

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