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Product News : New Version of DataStax Enterprise NoSQL Databases
on 2013/1/17 8:26:49 (735 reads)
Product News

DataStax, the company that powers the big data apps that transform business, today announced the early adopter program (EAP) launch of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 3.0. The new version provides core security capabilities to the entire Cassandra community, as well as the advanced data protection that businesses expect in an enterprise-grade database. DSE 3.0 supplies the type of security framework that allows modern enterprises to confidently adopt NoSQL databases as they safely scale their big data infrastructure.

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Product News : JFrog Unveils Industry's 1st Social Software Distribution Platform
on 2013/1/16 7:31:29 (678 reads)
Product News

JFrog, the company that's revolutionizing the way software is built, announced today the availability of Bintray, the industry's first social platform for storage and distribution of software libraries. Bintray is the new way for developers to publish, download and share software across one unified community around the world. The free, cloud-based platform empowers developers to control and streamline the entire process of making software libraries publicly available, with all the services needed to collaborate, advertise and deploy a new software solution.

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Product News : Sparx Systems Releases Enterprise Architect 10
on 2013/1/16 7:29:57 (725 reads)
Product News

Sparx Systems, a leading vendor of modeling tools based on UML and related open standards, today announced the release of Enterprise Architect 10.

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Product News : Thumbtack Releases Benchmark Analysis of Ultra-High Performance NoSQL Databases
on 2013/1/15 11:11:03 (755 reads)
Product News

As NoSQL databases move into the mainstream, there is growing confusion about the benefits and tradeoffs each major system makes to support different use cases. Today, Thumbtack Technology has published a report analyzing how NoSQL databases perform under conditions of extremely high load—addressing an increasingly common use case with big data.

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Product News : Planview Announces Availability of New ALM Integration for Rally Software
on 2013/1/15 11:03:38 (728 reads)
Product News

Planview® today announced that Planview Enterprise®, its market-leading project portfolio management (PPM) solution, now integrates with Rally Software’s Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform. This integration provides visibility into financial costs of Agile projects and enables better collaboration within software development organizations. The combination of leading PPM and ALM solutions ultimately helps clients improve the pace of innovation and capacity to deliver products to market.

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Product News : Black Duck Integrates Open Source Governance and Compliance into the Software Development Life Cycle
on 2013/1/15 10:21:41 (757 reads)
Product News

Black Duck Software announced the release of Black Duck Suite 6.2, adding new capabilities which help development and legal teams work more effectively together to expedite the adoption of open source software (OSS). Suite 6.2 adds new license obligation management capabilities, new development tool integration support through Software Development Kit (SDK) enhancements, and updated support for SPDX 1.1, allowing organizations to more effectively implement open source governance and compliance throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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Product News : TempoDB Database Built for Big Data Indexed by Time
on 2013/1/15 10:00:09 (729 reads)
Product News

Storage and analysis of time series data has posed a problem for developers; general-purpose databases like MySQL and MongoDB break as data volume increases. TempoDB is the first purpose-built time series database service, making this type of big data easy to manage -- and just in time. Experts estimate in 10 years there will be 50 billion connected devices, and total data creation is set to increase by 44x.

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Product News : DataStax Community Edition 1.2 Announced
on 2013/1/11 7:54:17 (667 reads)
Product News

DataStax, the company that powers the apps that transform business, today announced DataStax Community Edition 1.2, the latest version of Apache Cassandra™, the massively scalable open-source NoSQL database. The new release comes with a free edition of DataStax OpsCenter, the #1 visual management and monitoring solution in use today for Cassandra, which enables developers to manage and monitor their Cassandra clusters in point-and-click fashion from any location and from nearly any device.

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Product News : Kovair Announces Its Release 7.0 for Enterprise Class ALM and ITSM Products
on 2013/1/11 7:51:29 (682 reads)
Product News

Kovair Software, Inc. today announced the Release 7.0 of its enterprise class Development and IT Tools products generally offered as the ALM Studio, ITSM Studio and Omnibus Integration Platform. The major focus area for this release is to provide Kovair's current and future users with a Web 2.0 User Interface experience that is consistent with the Social Media UI that users are looking for in all the applications that they use currently.

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Product News : Atollic adds fault analysis feature to TrueSTUDIO debugger for ARM Cortex-M3/M4 microcontrollers
on 2013/1/9 7:15:41 (679 reads)
Product News

Jonkoping, Sweden, 9th January 2013  – Atollic® today announced the availability of a new fault analysis feature for the Atollic TrueSTUDIO IDE when developing C/C++ projects for ARM Cortex-M3 or Cortex-M4 microcontrollers. Added to the debugger, the fault analyzer functions aid developers to identify and resolve hard-to-find system faults that occur when the CPU has been driven into a fault condition by the application software. The fault analyzer feature interprets information extracted from the Cortex-M nested vector interrupt controller (NVIC) in order to identify the reasons that caused the fault. Typically, this may include division by zero errors, accessing invalid memory locations or accessing memory locations on misaligned boundaries.

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