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Product News : Altia Announces GUI Development Support for Freescale’s New i.MX 6 Series Processors
on 2012/11/28 9:15:49 (710 reads)
Product News

Early this year, Altia, Incorporated announced support of Freescale® Semiconductor’s new Vybrid™ controller solution devices. The winning combination of Freescale's powerful silicon for multi-screen graphics and Altia's Design and DeepScreen user interface engineering tools enable Vybrid controller solution customers to quickly and successfully implement and market products with sophisticated graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Today, Altia announces development of a new product to support a new family of products from Freescale Semiconductor – the i.MX 6 series processors.

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Product News : Sonatype Secures Access to the Central Repository for Component-Based Software Development
on 2012/11/27 14:13:24 (838 reads)
Product News

Sonatype, the leader in Component Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced the availability of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) access to the Central Repository, the industry's primary source for open source software (OSS) components. SSL connectivity to the Central Repository is now a standard feature in Nexus Professional, Sonatype's market-leading repository manager. The company has also made SSL access available to users of the open source version of Nexus and any other repository manager that connects to the Central Repository for a nominal donation of $10. Sonatype will donate all proceeds to the Apache Foundation for the first six months, then to other member-supported governing bodies such as the Eclipse Foundation thereafter.

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Product News : Rapidly Build Distributed Applications with ITTIA DB and Qt
on 2012/11/27 6:40:51 (734 reads)
Product News

November 28, 2012 — Bellevue, WA — The ITTIA DB SQL embedded database is now available as a plugin for the Qt application and UI development framework from Digia. The combination of ITTIA DB SQL and Qt enables rapid development of user-friendly data-driven applications with a level of performance that is only possible with native code.

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Product News :  Hansoft 7 takes agile development Seriously Social
on 2012/11/27 6:39:15 (742 reads)
Product News

Uppsala, Sweden, November 27, 2012 – Hansoft, with its eponymous tool already popular for boosting productivity among software developers, telcos and game developers, is adding social collaboration to its feature set spanning over agile ALM and PPM.

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