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Product News : Jenkins Community Introduces Blue Ocean
on 2017/4/26 9:44:23 (850 reads)

The Jenkins project, comprised of a community of practitioners using Jenkins, announced the official release (1.0) and general availability of Blue Ocean, its dramatic new UX implementation. The anticipated launch of Blue Ocean brings a new user experience to Jenkins based on a personalized, modern design that allows users to graphically create, visualize and diagnose continuous delivery pipelines. This is more than just putting a modern face on Jenkins: Blue Ocean re-imagines the Jenkins user experience by enabling teams to more easily adopt continuous delivery. CloudBees, Inc., the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, founded the Blue Ocean project and subsequently open sourced the software.

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Product News : Oracle Brings Oracle Databases and Developer Tools to Docker
on 2017/4/19 9:15:53 (1548 reads)
Product News

Oracle has announced that it is collaborating with Docker to release its flagship databases, middleware and developer tools into the Docker Store marketplace via the Docker Certification Program. Together, Oracle and Docker enable developers to quickly build cloud-native applications using Docker Enterprise Edition as their container platform and Oracle's databases and developer tools immediately available as Docker containers through the Docker Store. The Docker Certification Program is a framework for partners to integrate and certify their technology to the Docker EE commercial platform.

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Product News : New MemSQL Release Extends Security and Amazon S3 Ingest Capabilities
on 2017/4/19 8:52:42 (913 reads)
Product News

MemSQL, provider of the fastest database platform for real-time analytics, today announced an updated MemSQL release that includes an advanced security option with extended enterprise security features. The update also includes new high performance ingest capabilities for Amazon S3 cloud storage with exactly-once semantics.

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Product News : Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect To Feature BABOK Guide v3 Tools and Techniques
on 2017/4/4 7:43:34 (1011 reads)
Product News

eading UML and lifecycle modeling platform developer, Sparx Systems, together with the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®), has announced the public Beta release of the reference model of IIBA's A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide v3), supported via the Pro Cloud Server collaboration platform and MDG Technology within Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect - an agile collaboration solution for the global business analysis community.

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Product News : GitLab Unveils Enterprise 9.0
on 2017/3/23 9:43:23 (1086 reads)
Product News

GitLab has announced the release of GitLab 9.0 to help enterprise teams solve the new challenges they face in modernizing their software development practices. There has been a massive shift in how enterprises build products and organize teams, yet the tools they have been using have not evolved in equal measure. GitLab 9.0 offers global enterprise organizations -- including NASA, IBM and CERN -- a single platform that addresses these rapidly shifting work demands, and covers 100 percent of the modern software development lifecycle.

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Product News : ActiveState Releases ActiveGo Beta for the Go Programming Language
on 2017/3/23 9:17:54 (1299 reads)
Product News

ActiveState, the open source languages company, today announced the beta release of their new commercially supported Golang distribution, ActiveGo. ActiveGo beta is based on the most recent version of Go (v1.8) and comes pre-bundled and pre-compiled with some of the most popular Go community packages and developer tools.

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Product News : Acunetix Releases Plugin for Jenkins
on 2017/3/23 9:12:08 (1155 reads)
Product News

Acunetix is pleased to announce the release of the Acunetix Jenkins Plugin. This plugin for Jenkins, the popular open source Continuous Integration (CI) automation platform, allows development and operations teams to identify and track web application vulnerabilities early on in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and crucially, before they make it into production.

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Product News : Hackolade Introduces First Data Modeling Tool For Couchbase
on 2017/3/23 8:17:02 (1426 reads)
Product News

Hackolade, the pioneer for data modeling for NoSQL and multi-model databases, has announced the introduction of the first data modeling software tool for the Couchbase NoSQL database community. This software is compatible with Couchbase versions 4.0 through the latest 4.6 release. Standard features of Hackolade, already popular with NoSQL database users, have been adapted to support the specifications of Couchbase. 

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Product News : AdaCore Releases GNAT Pro 17 Development Environment for SYSGO’s PikeOS RTOS
on 2017/3/23 8:12:04 (892 reads)
Product News

AdaCore has announced the release of its GNAT Pro 17.1 development environment for SYSGO’s Real-Time Operating System PikeOS®. With GNAT Pro 17.1, Ada users targeting PikeOS® will see a number of product enhancements, including upgrades to the underlying code generator and debugger technologies (to GCC 6 and GDB 7.10, respectively), better elaboration order handling, improved stubbing in GNATtest, and enhanced debugger support in the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) IDE.

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Product News : CollabNet Announces New TeamForge Release
on 2017/3/8 12:25:07 (758 reads)

CollabNet has announced a new release of TeamForge, the application lifecycle management (ALM) and collaboration platform helps organizations create high-quality applications at speed. Organizations standardize on TeamForge typically to create cohesive software development processes that connect their existing environments, including methodologies, version-control systems and workflows. The platform also helps them scale their use of Agile. This new release increases ease-of-use, expands reporting, increases automation and IP re-use and enhances security. TeamForge is available as an on-premise and a hosted solution. Either way, TeamForge streamlines a range of software lifecycle activities from planning through deployment.

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