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Product News :  Progress Open Sources UI Library for Windows
on 2017/2/8 12:29:18 (420 reads)
Product News

Progress has announced that it has open sourced Progress Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform (UWP), a set of native UI controls for building Windows apps, and is in the process of donating to the .NET Foundation in an effort to help foster the open development of the .NET ecosystem. Progress Telerik UI for UWP is popular within the 2.1 million strong Progress developer community, and has been open sourced as a means to ensure continued collaborative innovation and advancement amongst the .NET development community.

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Product News : CNCF Purchases RethinkDB Source Code and Contributes It to The Linux Foundation Under the Apache License
on 2017/2/8 11:54:56 (499 reads)
Product News

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has purchased the source code to the RethinkDB database, relicensed the code under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (ASLv2) and contributed it to The Linux Foundation. RethinkDBTM is an open source, NoSQL, distributed document-oriented database that is in production use today by hundreds of technology startups, consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies, including NASA, GM, Jive, Platzi, the U.S. Department of Defense, Distractify and Matters Media. Some of Silicon Valley’s top firms invested $12.2 million over more than eight years in the RethinkDB company to build a state-of-the-art database system, but were unsuccessful in creating a sustainable business, and it shut down in October 2016.

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Product News : Redis Labs Releases Redis Enterprise
on 2017/2/8 11:25:46 (444 reads)
Product News

Redis Labs, the home of Redis, introduced Redis(e), or Redis Enterprise. Redis(e) is the technology that underpins Redis Labs' entire platform, products and services portfolio and simplifies how enterprises deploy Redis in any environment. With Redis(e), enterprises gain a significantly enhanced deployment architecture that delivers effortless scaling, always-on availability and significant cost reduction, all within one unified platform.

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Product News : XebiaLabs Introduces Release as Code for Dual-Mode Enterprise DevOps
on 2017/2/1 10:50:08 (477 reads)
Product News

XebiaLabs announced new “code-centric” capabilities in the latest version of its enterprise DevOps platform, version 6.1. These features empower developers to more easily manage software delivery pipelines using the method they know best—code—while less technical team members can continue to use XebiaLabs’ highly regarded visual user interface.

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Product News : Progress Telerik DevCraft Released
on 2017/2/1 10:42:00 (430 reads)
Product News

Progress has announced the latest release of the Progress Telerik DevCraft suite, the most complete UI toolbox for web, mobile and desktop development. New capabilities support the latest programming frameworks and IDEs, including Angular, Visual Studio 2017, jQuery 3, ASP.NET Core and Xamarin. In addition, the release provides new tooling for faster desktop development, such as enhanced document processing libraries and data components across all desktop suites.

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Product News : Rocket Software Announces Git Version Control Tools for IBM z/OS
on 2017/2/1 10:30:41 (440 reads)
Product News

Rocket Software has announced the general availability of Git for IBM z/OS. Git for z/OS is part of Rocket's Open Source Languages and Tools portfolio, which includes more than 30 ported versions of popular development tools and programming languages modified to operate on IBM z13 and z13s mainframes. These languages and tools help democratize the development process, allowing developers to take advantage of mainframe programs and applications without the need to know COBOL or assembly language.

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Product News : MapR Enhances Data Integration for Agile Analytics
on 2017/2/1 10:22:00 (344 reads)
Product News

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry's only Converged Data Platform, has announced availability of a new MapR Connector for Teradata, a leading analytics solutions company. This provides high speed, parallel connections from Teradata to the MapR Converged Data Platform, improving bulk data transfers, and enabling scalable agile analytics across the ecosystem. The new connector is also certified for use in an Informatica Big Data Management environment for simpler and faster data integrations between MapR and Teradata.

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Product News : NeuVector Launches New Approach to Continuous Docker Container Security
on 2017/2/1 10:18:37 (450 reads)
Product News

NeuVector has announced the launch and immediate availability of a new approach to securing Docker containers. With constant behavioral learning automatically applied to security policies for containers, NeuVector secures containers where they have been most vulnerable: in production environments where they are constantly being deployed, updated, moved, and scaled across hosts and data centers. Companies with production Docker deployments (or who are evaluating container-based applications) can quickly test-drive NeuVector's answer to stronger and faster container security here.

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Product News : Sencha Test 2.0 Allows to Deliver High-Quality Web Apps
on 2017/2/1 9:32:56 (206 reads)
Product News

Sencha has announced the release of Sencha Test 2.0, the most comprehensive unit and end-to-end functional testing solution for Ext JS apps. In addition, Sencha released its Web Application Testing Maturity Model, specifically designed to guide organizations through the evolution from manual to automated testing as they adopt web application testing in their software development lifecycle.

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Product News : NuoDB Expands Community Edition to Support Elastic Scale-Out
on 2017/2/1 9:22:07 (363 reads)
Product News

As organizations increasingly adopt cloud applications for standard business operations, developers of new cloud applications have struggled to find a database built for today's cloud-centric environment -- typically having to sacrifice elasticity and resilience in favor of cost or SQL capabilities. NuoDB, the elastic SQL database company for cloud applications, today unveiled a more robust Community Edition to better support the needs of developers and start-ups.

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