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Product News : WebLOAD Adds Network Emulation Support and More in WebLOAD 10.5
on 2016/12/13 9:42:38 (1136 reads)
Product News

WebLOAD 10.5 introduces Advanced Network Emulation. In addition to controlling the bandwidth/connection speed as in previous releases, you are able to control upload/download bandwidth, latency/delay, and packet loss. WebLOAD lets you control this kind of emulation at several levels. You can set these numbers to all of your virtual users, specify them for specific load generator/s, control your mix of agendas, or even a specific virtual user. This gives you the ability to simulate different users, each reaching your server from a different network.

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Product News : SpiraTeam 5.1 Released by Inflectra
on 2016/12/13 8:52:57 (1330 reads)
Product News

Inflectra is pleased to announce the release of SpiraTeam 5.1, the latest version of its award-winning application lifecycle management (ALM) suite. The latest version of SpiraTeam brings together major enhancements in performance and usability along with the ability to break the project paradigm for the first time. With SpiraTeam 5.1, you can take control of even the most complex programs.

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Product News : PHP 7.0.0 Released
on 2016/12/9 7:46:08 (1179 reads)
Product News

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.0.0. This release marks the start of the new major PHP 7 series. The release being introduced is an outcome of the almost two years development journey. It is a very special accomplishment of the core team. And, it is a result of incredible efforts of many active community members. Indeed, it is not just a final release being brought out today, it is the rise of a new PHP generation with an enormous potential.

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Product News : OpenMake Release Engineer to be Offered as Open Source
on 2016/12/6 10:54:22 (874 reads)
Product News

OpenMake Software announced it will offer its Application Release Automation (ARA) Solution, Release Engineer, as an Open Source offering under the FreeBSD License.  The Open Source offering will be available March of 2017 and will be based on the 7.7 version of Release Engineer, available GA December 15th, 2017.

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Product News : Parasoft Announces Updates to Its Development Testing Solution
on 2016/12/6 9:43:11 (501 reads)
Product News

Parasoft has announced the latest release of Development Testing Platform (DTP) and DTP Engines for C/C++, .NET, and Java (C/C++test, dotTEST, and Jtest). Parasoft DTP consistently applies software quality practices across teams and throughout the SDLC, enabling your quality efforts to shift left–delivering a platform for automated defect prevention and the uniform measurement of risk. This release builds on Parasoft’s innovative approach to continuously improving software quality processes. DTP 5.3 and DTP Engines 10.3 include new features and enhancements that provide deeper visibility into the effects of incremental changes to the code, streamline software quality activities on the developer desktop, and reduce the risk associated with safety-critical software development.

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Product News : NodeSource Announces NodeSource Certified Modules
on 2016/11/29 9:13:36 (939 reads)

NodeSource has announced NodeSource Certified Modules™ to bring security and trust to untrusted, third-party JavaScript. With NodeSource Certified Modules, consumers of the npm ecosystem can now rely on NodeSource as a secure, trusted and verifiable source. In addition, the company announced the release of N|Solid v2.0, the enterprise-grade Node.js® platform that enables a secure, reliable, and extensible platform for Node.js applications.

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Product News : Veracode Empowers Secure DevOps Environments Through Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Extension
on 2016/11/22 9:52:36 (484 reads)
Product News

Veracode has announced a new extension that integrates the Veracode Application Security Platform with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). The extension will enable developers and engineering teams using VSTS to apply application security testing into their DevOps environments or other continuous deployment models.

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Product News : Parasoft Continuous Testing within Microsoft VSTS and Azure
on 2016/11/22 9:44:29 (542 reads)
Product News

Parasoft announced today that its industry-leading service virtualization technology, Parasoft Virtualize, is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft VSTS Marketplace.

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Product News : Sencha Delivers New Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform
on 2016/11/15 9:15:45 (853 reads)
Product News

Sencha has announced the next generation of its Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform. The Sencha Platform allows developers to design, build and test data-intensive web applications and deliver the right user experience, on the right screen, at the right time. Key benefits include increased developer productivity, improved application quality and accelerated time-to-market for cross-platform web applications.

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Product News : CollabNet Announces DevOps Lifecycle Manager
on 2016/11/8 9:21:07 (679 reads)
Product News

CollabNet has announced CollabNet DevOps Lifecycle Manager (DLM). This platform advances DevOps with innovation that connects software development with operations and the business in several new ways. CollabNet DLM improves processes by providing traceability and visibility to the entire software development lifecycle including across DevOps tool chains. At the operational level, it enables strong business decisions by providing insightful KPI reports across the entire lifecycle from planning to operations. CollabNet DLM also increases efficiency by automating and orchestrating processes.

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