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Presentations : Scrum-it - Open Source Scrum Tool
on 2012/2/21 4:50:54 (1869 reads)

Scrum-it is a virtual Scrum board application that supports the entire Scrum project lifecycle. It reduces project overhead and allows a team to focus on the development of high-quality software products. The software is open source, encouraging users to study, change and improve it. The list of features planned for the next release includes the product and sprint backlog and usability improvements.



Presentations : Sureassert Exemplars: Java Unit Testing Without Unit Tests
on 2012/2/1 2:27:21 (1389 reads)

Sureassert UC is a new multi-faceted annotation-driven tool that seeks to cut the expense, increase the effectiveness and simplify the process of unit testing for Java projects. It introduces specification-driven, declarative tests called Exemplars along with the capability to perform continuous test execution and coverage reporting within the Eclipse IDE.



Presentations : Cucumber - Behavior Driven Development in Ruby
on 2012/1/17 8:44:29 (1401 reads)

Cucumber is a tool to support Behavior Driven Development with plain text specifications and unobtrusive automation in Ruby. Alternative implementations of Cucumber exist for Java, .NET, and several other platforms.


Teams using or considering the approach variously known as Behavior Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development, or Specification by Example should look at Cucumber. It supports this approach better than any tool I have used. Teams simply looking for a functional test automation tool may find that other, more technical test frameworks fit their needs better.

Presentations : ChiliProject - Open Source Project Management
on 2012/1/11 7:29:32 (1338 reads)

ChiliProject is a modular web-based project management tool. It offers flexible issue tracking and project planning, time tracking, wiki-based knowledge management, integration with various version control systems, as well as team collaboration and client communication through news and forum systems including support for sending and even receiving emails.

Presentations : StarUML - Open Source UML Tool
on 2011/10/11 8:50:00 (2395 reads)

StarUML is an open source software modeling tool that supports UML (Unified Modeling Language). It is based on UML version 1.4, provides eleven different types of diagram and it accepts UML 2.0 notation. It actively supports the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) approach by supporting the UML profile concept and allowing to generate code for multiple languages.


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Presentations : Saros: An Eclipse Plug-in for Distributed Party Programming
on 2011/10/11 8:42:31 (1776 reads)

Saros is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE that enables two or more distributed programmers to develop projects in real-time over the Internet and share each other’s changes. It allows users to communicate in a variety of ways as they collaborate and also to remain constantly aware of their partners' activities through various sorts of awareness information.


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Presentations : Gradle - Domain Specific Language Based Build Tool
on 2011/9/28 22:39:24 (1465 reads)

Gradle is a new and revolutionary build tool, based on the Groovy programming language. It is very different from existing tools like Ant and Maven in that it provides an extremely powerful capability to develop build applications using Groovy code and a compelling Groovy DSL. This allows to easily develop a non-standard build for any project, according to its needs, or to fall back to a more traditional convention-over-configuration approach also fully supported by the tool.


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Presentations : Liquibase - Database Version Control
on 2011/7/27 5:37:05 (1718 reads)

Liquibase is a free and open source database change tracking tool built on the premise that database changes should be managed in source control along with the rest of your application.

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