JSHint: a JavaScript Code Quality Tool

Date 2013/1/14 8:45:01 | Topic: Presentations

JSHint is a static analysis tool written in JavaScript that helps developers detect potential bugs in their JavaScript code and enforce their development team’s JavaScript coding conventions. JSHint scans your program’s source code and reports about commonly made mistakes and potential bugs.

The potential problem could be a syntax error, a bug due to implicit type conversion, a leaking variable, or any of the other 150+ problems that JSHint looks for.JSHint is flexible enough so you can adjust it to your particular coding style. This flexibility doesn’t prevent JSHint from spotting many mistakes and potential problems in your code before you deploy them live.Since JSHint is written in JavaScript, it can be used as a web application, command-line tool or a Node.JS module.


Read the complete JSHint presentation on http://www.methodsandtools.com/tools/jshint.php

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