Visual Paradigm for UML 10.1 Released

Date 2013/1/30 4:47:23 | Topic: Product News

Visual Paradigm International Limited announced today the release of Visual Paradigm for UML 10.1. VP-UML 10.1 introduces a number of new features, which includes supported PostMania in client products and supported decision table diagra.
Enhancements to VP-UML 10.1 includes:
* Up to 50% faster when open project when the project set involves a large amount of referenced projects
* Improved the performance of general diagram editing for large project
* Supported ArchiMate 2.0 notations
* Changed the way project status is retrieved in the Teamwork Client window
* Supported committing/updating multiple projects to/from server
* Improved the presentation of chart and matrix
* Improved the presentation of grid
* Change the default font size of documentation editor to follow that of shape
* Change to show "HTML" as cascade menu instead of drop down menu
* Supported adding diagram to model element's documentation as link
* Supported Find in documentation pane
* Supported Paste and Paste without formats in documentation pane
* Prompt user when attempting to paste a large chunk of text to documentation editor
* Unified the styles of some windows and dialog boxes
* Supported Windows title bar on Mac
* Enhanced sub-diagram navigation
* Supported stereotypes and tagged values for UI elements
* Supported opening from diagram the shape that reference it
* Made plug-in able to retrieve the 'from' end of a connector
* Supported primitive shape presentation
* Supported class and entity members in report composer
* Supported showing image and its header on same page in PDF report exported from Report Composer
* Support mapping byte[] to blob when synchronizing from class diagram to ERD

Visual Paradigm for UML

Visual Paradigm for the Unified Modeling Language (VP-UML) is a UML tool. The tool is designed for a wide range of users including software engineers, system analysts, business analysts and system architects, or for anyone who is interested in reliably building large-scale software systems using an object-oriented approach. In addition, VP-UML supports the latest standards of UML notation. The Visual Paradigm for UML product home page is located on the Web at

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