AccuRev Version 5.7 is Now Available

Date 2013/2/7 11:20:00 | Topic: Product News

AccuRev, Inc., a leading provider of application life-cycle software solutions, today announced the latest release of AccuRev Enterprise Edition. AccuRev Version 5.7 includes numerous developer-focused improvements in both usability and performance.
Some of the highlights include:
* A New GUI Look and Feel — The entire look and feel of the GUI has changed to enhance both the usability and the overall user experience, including larger toolbar buttons; enhanced tooltips; alternate-row coloration in tables; and crisper, cleaner fonts throughout.
* Twin Resolution — This highly anticipated feature dramatically simplifies the resolution of files with a “twin” status that previously led to merge conflicts and lower productivity. Identifying and resolving twin files are now a natural part of the development workflow in AccuRev.
* End User Performance Improvements — Innovative client-side file status support enhances external file management with hierarchical rules simplifying usability and significantly improving end user performance.
* Additional filtering capabilities in the GUI enhance scalability in large enterprises.
* Support for Microsoft Windows 8.
* Enhanced Internationalization Support — New infrastructure capabilities assist the product internationalization efforts of AccuRev’s global partners and resellers.
“We are extremely excited about the significant value we are providing in AccuRev 5.7. We believe this functionality will enable our customers to get even higher levels of productivity from their software development organizations,” stated Peter Shields, AccuRev’s president and CEO. “Our commitment to deliver important functionality to our customers and help them realize a competitive advantage is the cornerstone of our strategy, and this release helps demonstrate that commitment.”

About AccuRev

AccuRev’s application life-cycle solution unleashes the power of software development teams to deliver superior results. Designed for enterprises where software is critical, AccuRev’s unique architecture removes constraints and allows teams to deliver more features, ship faster, reprioritize as needed and sustain high product quality.

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