Ceylon M5 and Ceylon IDE M5 now available!

Date 2013/3/19 9:24:41 | Topic: Product News

Ceylon M5 “Nesa Pong” is now available for download, along with a simultaneous compatible release of Ceylon IDE.Ceylon is an open source language for writing large programs in teams. You can run Ceylon code on the JVM, on Node.js, or in a web browser. Some modules are platform-dependent, but the language itself is equally at home on Java and JavaScript virtual machines.
Ceylon M5 “Nesa Pong”  is a huge release, with the following headline features:
* a fully-reified type system with generic type arguments available at runtime,
* direct interoperation with native JavaScript,
* tuples,
* several important syntax changes in response to community feedback and practical experience, and
* a datetime module and an HTTP server.

You can download the Ceylon command line distribution here: http://ceylon-lang.org/download

Source code

The source code for Ceylon, its specification, and its website, is freely available from GitHub: https://github.com/ceylon

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