TechExcel Releases DevSuite 9.2

Date 2013/3/20 8:52:23 | Topic: Product News

TechExcel is excited to announce the release of DevSuite 9.2 featuring an Enterprise ALM platform that supports Windows, Web, iPad, and Android Tablet.
New features and enhancements of DevSuite 9.2 include:
* DevTrack Windows Client User Interface - As requested, we have updated the DevTrack Windows Client to be compatible with DevSuite 9.2. You can now easily access task boards, reports, and knowledge items from within the DevTrack Windows Client.
* MyDevSuite for iPad, Android Tablet - The latest version of MyDevSuite empowers users with the ability to view and edit DevSpec and DevTrack issues from their iPad or Android tablet. Additionally, users can quickly view reports across all projects. Best of all, this can all be done without the need to install any additional server components!
* Idea and IdeaBook Support - Access and browse your attachments with just one click. Users can automatically create IdeaBooks from existing Word documents; IdeaBooks are simply the smarter way to create user guides and online help.
* Knowledge Announcement Widget - Create professional looking announcements for the DevSuite Login Page and Home Dashboard with the Knowledge Announcement Widget. Easily draw attention to any knowledge item, requirement, attachment, Idea, or IdeaBook by adding it to a widget on the Login Page or Home Dashboard.
* Improved Scalability and Offline Support for DevSuite Multi-site - Now DevSuite Multi- Site supports all DevSuite product modules. Additionally, DevSuite Multi-site now supports offline updates for DevSpec and KnowledgeWise projects.
* Percentage Finished Information Added to Requirements - Track your product’s progress by viewing percentage completed information rolled up from the development tasks linked to each individual requirement in DevSpec.
* QA Test Co-Owner Event for Quality Integrated Agile Support - Ensure validation and verification by creating QA Test Co-owner events for each development user story.

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