Atlassian Brings SourceTree Git Client to Microsoft Windows

Date 2013/3/20 9:31:50 | Topic: Product News

Atlassian announced a major addition to its popular Git solutions: SourceTree, a free desktop client for Git and Mercurial distributed version control systems (DVCS) is now available for download on the Microsoft Windows platform (previously only available for Mac). SourceTree for Windows allows developers to interface with distributed Git source repositories through a simple desktop client. SourceTree integrates with Bitbucket, a cloud-based hosting service for software development projects using DVCS, and Stash, an on-premise DVCS solution for enterprise teams managing their code on-site. SourceTree can also connect with other code-hosting services, including GitHub, Kiln, Microsoft Team Foundation Server and proprietary DVCS servers.
SourceTree simplifies how developers interact with and manage code repositories, and fits seamlessly into a developer's workflow. It automates complex command line operations and enables users to visualize change sets across multiple branches and forks. With SourceTree, newbies and more advanced DVCS veterans alike can:
* Commit, push, pull and merge changes easily with a click of a button
* Organize repositories with an intuitive bookmarks window
* Visualize work changes over time with SourceTree's log view
* Detect and resolve conflicts
* Search commit histories for changes and review file logs
* Stage and stash code changes until ready to push
* Customize actions to support individual commands

“Whether you're working on Mac or Windows, behind the firewall or in the cloud, our tools will bring you the power of Git while making adoption a breeze. With this latest release of SourceTree, we now provide a full complement of tools that will help you and your development team make the most of Git,” said Justen Stepka, product manager for SourceTree and Bitbucket. “We see huge potential for the Windows platform.”

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