AccuRev Announces GitCentric For Large Scale Git Usage

Date 2013/4/17 7:34:29 | Topic: Product News

AccuRev announced the latest version of GitCentric (formally known as Kando), bridging the Git revision control system with AccuRev’s intelligent stream approach to enterprise software development.
Many developers use Git, a popular open source revision control system, for its simplicity and speed. However, professional enterprises need more control and scalability for their large investment in software development. With GitCentric, AccuRev brings robust enterprise features to the Git community: enterprise-grade repository management and code review, a unique stream architecture for optimizing development productivity and quality, plus auditability and traceability – all within a secure environment.

Some of the GitCentric highlights include:
* Self-Contained/Bundled SSH server - greatly simplifies installation without requiring IT intervention.
* Git End-User Self Service Registration - dramatically reduces administrative overhead when managing large scale Git environments.
* Git Repository and Mapping Administrative Interface - automates administrative tasks utilizing a command line interface.
* Gerrit Code Review Integration- streamlines code review for Git users.
* History Mapping - tightens the connection between Git (Branches) and AccuRev (Streams).

“We are very excited to deliver GitCentric to our customers,” said Peter Shields, AccuRev's President and CEO. “GitCentric is optimized for our large enterprise customers to streamline and automate the software development process while leveraging Git for version control,” stated Shields. “GitCentric is an example of our continued commitment to provide our customers with a competitive advantage.”

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