Sauce Labs Adds Android Support to Appium on Sauce

Date 2013/5/14 7:51:01 | Topic: Product News

Sauce Labs Inc, the leading provider of cloud-based mobile and web application testing solutions for software developers, today announced that it has expanded its Appium on Sauce mobile application test cloud, making it generally available and adding support for the Android OS.
Based on the open source mobile testing framework Appium, Sauce Labs' Appium on Sauce is a powerful cloud-based, testing platform that automates cross-browser testing for native iOS apps, mobile web hybrid apps and now native Android apps. The solution provides software developers a comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for ensuring the quality and integrity of software they're releasing to consumers.

"Appium on Sauce solves a big problem at a critical time. Companies are relying more and more on their mobile channels where they have just seconds to prove their worth with a positive user experience and a lot of mobile apps aren't thoroughly tested, if they're tested at all," says Adam Christian, vice president of development at Sauce Labs. "Automated testing in a virtual environment represents the future, and we're providing it for the mobile ecosystem."

Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile phones for transactions, generating an estimated $25 billion in revenue last year with that number expected to soar to $46 billion by 2016. The addition of the Android app testing capacity to the Appium on Sauce cloud comes as the popularity of these apps has grown.

"Woven is a free photo viewing app for smartphones and tablets. Woven requires a cost-effective way of running emulator based tests on iOS and Android in the cloud using open source technology and continuous integration. I'm thrilled that Android support is now available on Sauce Labs. I look forward to running Android tests on Sauce Labs in addition to the existing iOS tests," said Johan Bilien, vice president of software at Litl, a Sauce Labs customer that began using Appium on Sauce during its limited release.

Sauce Labs offers a cloud of mobile platforms and desktop browsers for automated and manual testing of web and mobile apps. The company's software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is used by some of the largest consumer and enterprise brands. The Sauce testing cloud is already used to run approximately five million tests each month with that number continuing to grow. 

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