TIBCO Announces New Integration Platform-as-a-Service

Date 2013/5/21 10:24:30 | Topic: Product News

TIBCO Software has announced the launch of TIBCO Cloud Bus™, its new subscription-based Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) offering that leverages the company's extensive integration expertise and presents users with the ability to drastically shorten time to market and lower costs as they migrate applications and workloads to the cloud.

"With Cloud Bus™, TIBCO is combining the deployment flexibility of the cloud with enterprise-class integration features in a single subscription service that customers can run anywhere -- on-premise, in the cloud, in bare metal or virtualized environments," said Matt Quinn, CTO for TIBCO Software. "TIBCO Cloud Bus provides ready-made integrations across popular SaaS and critical on-premise applications, while allowing subscribers the ability to identify, configure and extend integration templates for their own business context with ease. Finally, and as you would expect from TIBCO, Cloud Bus includes extensive capabilities for real-time integration, meaning changes are reflected in all connected applications as they happen, without waiting for the next batch update."

Deployment Freedom
TIBCO recognizes that all companies are not created equal and are at different stages in their cloud evolution. TIBCO Cloud Bus allows subscribers to deploy on the cloud without the need for, or investment in, hardware or software. Subscribers can start projects in minutes and only pay for what they consume, while having the freedom to choose and move across a set of cloud infrastructure partners that meet TIBCO's and its enterprise customers' exacting demands.

"VMware and TIBCO are working closely together to offer TIBCO Cloud Bus as a service on VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ to deliver agility and flexibility to customers," said Mercer Rowe, director, Cloud Services Partner Strategy, VMware. "Once implemented, customers will be able to rapidly deploy TIBCO Cloud Bus and extend application integration from private to public clouds on the same trusted infrastructure, with common management and orchestration, backed by the world-class VMware support organization."

Ready-Made Integrations
TIBCO Cloud Bus provides ready-made integrations for a variety of applications such as salesforce.com and other vendors. "TIBCO Cloud Bus allows subscribers to very quickly and easily identify and configure an integration that fits, and be up and running in just a few hours. This brings a new level of maturity to the cloud integration market," said Mr. Quinn. Subscribers will also be able to easily adapt any templates for their own business context, effectively accelerating integration and innovation.

"TIBCO is a valued partner in cloud integration and is bringing choice and flexibility to users with Cloud Bus. In the same practice, SAP supports an 'open + us' strategy with partners for the benefit of an open platform for customers to choose the right technology for their deployments," said Amit Sinha, senior vice-president, Database and Technology at SAP.

Real-time Integration
TIBCO Cloud Bus includes extensive connectivity capabilities to deliver real-time integration. Changes are reflected in all connected cloud applications as they happen, without waiting for the next batch update. For example, customer orders and interactions are reflected in real-time, enabling subscribers to instantly respond, putting SaaS applications squarely in the middle of a business' critical processes. All of this results in a better customer experience.

According to Gartner, "Gartner expects iPaaS adoption to grow significantly during the next five years. Via its predecessor, integration-as-a-service offerings, iPaaS is already one of the main options available to users to connect with external business partners and to integrate cloud-based applications with their current on-premises applications. Virtually all user organizations (large or small) must integrate applications, and in a growing number of cases, at least some of these applications are in the cloud." (quote from Market Trends: Platform as a Service Worldwide, 2012 thru 2016, 2H12 Update, Gartner, October 2012.)

"If a company's approach to integration is too fixed or locked-in, it could limit the company's ability to leverage the cloud or switch SaaS providers once it's there. TIBCO Cloud Bus offers a choice of deployment options, ready-made integrations, and real-time integration support that delivers the flexibility and time to value that enterprises are looking for in moving applications and workloads to the cloud," said Mr. Quinn.

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