Orchestrate.io Closes a $3 Million Seed Investment

Date 2013/5/21 10:25:45 | Topic: Product News

Orchestrate.io, a new data API that will eliminate the need for deploying databases in application development, announced that it has raised a seed investment round of $3 million. Led by True Ventures and joined by Frontline Ventures and Resonant Venture Partners, the funding will be used to rapidly build and deploy Orchestrate.io's service for strategic partners, expand its core development team and deploy its offering across multiple cloud providers, on multiple continents, for general availability later this year.

Orchestrate.io is a cloud-agnostic service that unifies all the queries needed to build interactive applications, such as geospatial, time-series, graph, full-text search, key-value queries and more through a single API. Historically, developers have been required to run multiple databases to build applications that need these queries. Orchestrate.io eliminates the operational and financial burden on enterprises that run multiple databases, such as monitoring and maintaining them, scaling as usage grows, and distributing them across providers to improve fault tolerance and put data closer to end users. As a result, developers can focus on building richer, more sophisticated applications.

"Database and operating system licensing, servers, storage, power, labor, outsourcing and professional services represents a market that exceeds $100B annually," said Antony Falco, founder and CEO of Orchestrate.io, who also co-founded Basho Technologies, makers of the open-source distributed database, Riak. "We believe our service will save our customers significant time and money, allowing them to instead focus on what matters most -- the end-user. With Orchestrate.io, our customers can build better apps, faster."

"Orchestrate.io is disrupting a huge market with an incredibly talented team," said Puneet Agrawal, General Partner at True Ventures. "It's exactly the kind of company we love to fund at True Ventures. Tony and team will democratize the ability to build powerful, feature rich applications while pioneering a new 'NoDB' movement."

Founded in March 2013, Orchestrate.io has already made significant hires to the core team, including Dave "Dizzy" Smith, formerly VP of Engineering at Basho and Singly. A prominent Erlang and open-source contributor, Dizzy will build and lead Orchestrate.io's engineering and product team. Puneet Agarwal from True Venture has also joined its board.

The company is currently accepting applications to its private beta for select strategic partners. For more information and to be considered for beta today, visit http://orchestrate.io. You can also follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OrchestrateIO.

About Orchestrate.io

Orchestrate.io provides an API service that eliminates the need to deploy databases when building new applications, or adding new features to existing applications. A cloud-agnostic service, it unifies all the queries needed to build interactive applications in a single API, allowing developers to rapidly add location, search, activity stream, event and recommendation features. Founded in 2013, Orchestrate.io is based in Portland, Oregon, and is backed by Frontline Ventures, Resonant Venture Partners and True Ventures. For more information, please visit http://orchestrate.io. 

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