Embarcadero Provides 'Instant Trial' of RAD Studio XE4 for Mobile Apps

Date 2013/5/22 6:36:47 | Topic: Product News

Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, is now offering an Instant Trial of its multi-device, true native app development suite, RAD Studio XE4. As the first company to offer an Instant Trial option that caters to developers, Embarcadero gives users the ability to start building apps for iOS, Windows and Mac in less than ten minutes, versus hours as compared to traditional download and install methods.
RAD Studio XE4 is a popular app development suite built for developers by developers who need to create extraordinary apps for PCs, tablets and smartphones - and get them to market fast. The Instant Trial gets the power of RAD Studio into the hands of Developers in a fast, risk-free way. "Developers need to expand to mobile quickly and part of that process is tool and technology evaluation," said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of products for Embarcadero Technologies. "But download time and setup complexity slows that process. With Instant Trials we've eliminated the multi-gigabyte download and the entire installation process. Developers can get started building iOS, Mac, and Windows apps with RAD Studio XE4 with just a few clicks."

How Does Instant Trial Work?

Powered by Embarcadero's streaming AppWave technology, the Instant Trial delivers RAD Studio XE4 right to the developer's desktop. As part of the install process, the most critical pieces of the software are streamed and installed first, so a developer can immediately start building apps while the rest of the program downloads in the background. Getting started has never been simpler.

About RAD Studio

Embarcadero® RAD Studio XE4 is the multi-device, true native app development suite for developers that need to create apps for PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and get them to market fast. RAD Studio includes the award winning Delphi, C++Builder and HTML5 Builder development environments. 

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