dynaTrace AJAX Edition 4.1 now supports FF19, FF20 and IE10 on Windows

Date 2013/5/29 4:06:42 | Topic: Product News

Compuware AJAX Edition 4.1 adds support for Firefox 19 and Firefox 20 as well as support for IE10 on Windows 7. The team also fixed some smaller stability issues users reported with Firefox. AJAX Edition is a free tool that analyzes the front-end performance of your web-pages and web-applications providing an unprecedented level of visibility and diagnostics into your browser's inner workings.
Compuware dynaTrace AJAX Edition enables you to continuously optimize your Web 2.0 applications. Use the free dynaTrace AJAX Edition to:
* speed page load times using performance reports that analyze every visited page based on known best practices from Google, Yahoo! and Compuware
* diagnose performance differences between Firefox and Internet Explorer versions of the same Web pages
* improve time to first impression of your Web pages
* track JavaScript and DOM call execution with Compuware patented PurePath Technology’s unique deep tracing capability
* automate performance analysis across Firefox and Internet Explorer without modifying your test scripts
* compare your Web page performance to peers and competitors

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