Maximo Performance Testing is Now as Quick and Simple as Web Application Testing

Date 2013/5/29 7:44:34 | Topic: Product News

Reflective Solutions is delighted to announce the availability of the newly released Maximo Pack 3 for StressTester™, which ensures that automating Maximo® performance testing is now as easy as testing the performance of any other web based application.

The second version of the Maximo Pack went a long way to simplifying this process, handling 100% of the standard Maximo framework identifiers and session variables. However, following feedback from our partners and clients, it was clear that for highly configured/customized installations of Maximo, the Maximo Pack 2 did not completely remove the need for human intervention in handling all Maximo identifiers. The Maximo Pack 3 solves this issue and is now confirmed to quickly and simply handle 100% of the complex Maximo framework identifiers automatically, no matter how customized of configured the Maximo installation is.

What else is included with the Maximo Pack?

The all new Maximo Pack 3 for StressTester includes a selection of sample User Journeys for each version of Maximo, in order to help testers to see what these look like, and to allow simple performance tests to be executed in a matter of minutes. Not only that, but we’ve also included our free guide - “Building User Journeys for Maximo” – a detailed guide on how to build User Journeys for your Maximo installation, and based on the extensive knowledge and experience of our consultants, gained through years of testing Maximo installations all over the world.


Using other tools, Maximo performance testing can be incredibly complex, requiring extensive scripting for every identifier recorded, and there can be large numbers of these identifiers in every transaction. For example, LoadRunner supplies a 28 page document to outline how to execute performance tests for Maximo, with long and complicated instructions on the detailed scripts that need to be created for each transaction. With the Maximo Pack 3 for StressTester, there is no need for any of this time consuming and complex work, as everything is automatically configured and set up for you.

About Reflective Solutions Ltd

Reflective Solutions Ltd was formed in 1998 as a specialist application performance testing consultancy, and have been assuring application performance ever since. Reflective designed and developed StressTester™ and Sentinel with the aim of reducing the costs and timescales traditionally associated with performance testing, monitoring and diagnosis of IBM Maximo® systems. StressTester™ is an enterprise class performance testing tool, capable of providing comprehensive, in-depth analysis of any web application’s performance, scalability and load capacity. Proven to reduce project timescales and costs whilst still allowing testers to configure complex scenarios, StressTester™ is a tool used by test professionals who wish to focus on the planning and results of performance tests and not be delayed by the complexity of the test tool.

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