Codice Software Launches Semantic Merge for Java

Date 2013/5/29 7:46:22 | Topic: Product News

Codice Software, creators of the enterprise oriented Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) called Plastic SCM, today launched Semantic Merge for Java. First available to developers using C# and Visual Basic .NET, Semantic Merge is now available to developers using Java, one of the world's most popular programming language with a market share of 27.5 percent, according to the May 2013 PYPL Popularity of Programming Index. Java also ranked a close second in the May 2013 TIOBE Community Programming Index, another indicator of its popularity. Semantic Merge will be available to open source contributors for free.
Every day, millions of lines of code are written, modified, moved and reorganized as developers update and create new features in games, devices and applications. In order to improve code quality and readability throughout the software lifecycle, developers engage in refactoring, a software practice that requires frequent structure changes. Modern agile software development is based on coders' ability to work in parallel on the same codebase and perform concurrent changes, potentially inside the same files that need to be merged back together.

With Semantic Merge, software coders can reach new levels of productivity by easily tracking and preserving all changes performed concurrently, ensuring that all code is assembled back together precisely. Using advanced merge technology built into Codice Software's signature product, Plastic SCM, Semantic Merge makes it easy to consolidate files that are heavily refactored in parallel by different developers, regardless of the code programming language. The merge tool can also be configured for use with Git, Subversion, Perforce, ClearCase, Team Foundation Server, Mercurial and many others.

All other merge systems today use text-based algorithms that don't identify the programming language the code is written in but just the modifications to text. The inability for merge tools to fully understand programming language structures means they are heavily dependent on the position of the texts being modified, which greatly restricts developers' ability to perform concurrent changes and improve code quality and readability by refactoring.

"Since the launch of Semantic Merge for C# and Visual Basic.NET last month, we've received extremely positive feedback from developers," said Francisco Monteverde, CEO of Codice Software. "They have been waiting for a tool like this for a long time because it greatly improves productivity. By simplifying code merges, developers spend up to 97 percent less time reviewing code. We have more than doubled the reach of Semantic Merge now that Java developers can use it, and anticipate strong interest and usage of it with its free, full license for contributors to open source projects."

About Codice Software

Codice Software is a privately held software development company that provides the freedom, flexibility and security for distributed teams to enable agile development in parallel. Its enterprise-class Plastic SCM platform increases collaboration between developers and boosts productivity, time to market and quality of code. It lets developers work more quickly and collaborate seamlessly across platforms, languages and locations. 

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