Enterprise Tester 4.7 Adds Rally Integration

Date 2013/5/30 9:57:04 | Topic: Product News

With Enterprise Tester 4.7 we’re giving you the ability to integrate with Rally’s powerful agile project management software. This new functionality provides bi-directional synchronization of user stories and child user stories.

 Now Rally users can benefit from the same great features that our Atlassian and Sparx Systems users already enjoy:
* Full test coverage from user story to defect
* Automated synchronization schedules
* Synchronization history
* Quick links to the Rally user stories
* Support for synchronization of custom fields

Time-saving Features for Test Planning and Execution


We’ve not just focused on big features in this release, we’ve also added some time-saving additions to our functionality for our existing users. You can copy test steps in the Script Library. This improves ease of use when creating test cases where similar steps are already documented. We have also added a new stopwatch feature that automatically populates the actual time field while you are testing.

JIRA 5+ (BETA) Plugin


Our new JIRA 5+ plugin supports JIRA 5.2 and above (including the new JIRA 6) and makes a complete move to the REST API. This removes the limitation of using SOAP and opens up a raft of new features to JIRA 5.2 and JIRA 6 users, including support for synchronizing sub-tasks for requirements and improved status change and workflow transitions. Not on JIRA 5.2 yet? Don’t worry we’re not planning on removing the current JIRA integration just yet. Enterprise Tester will continue to support JIRA 4.x until October 2014.

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