New Parasoft API Testing Solution Ensures the Integrity of APIs and API-Driven Applications

Date 2013/6/13 11:54:57 | Topic: Product News

Parasoft announced today the new release of Parasoft’s API testing solution, Parasoft SOAtest. This comprehensive enterprise-grade Cloud/API testing solution dramatically simplifies the complex testing needed for today’s interconnected business systems.
“With the recent shift to an API economy, the integrity of the APIs you produce and consume is now more important than ever,” stated Wayne Ariola, Chief Strategy Officer for Parasoft. “As the market evolves, Parasoft remains the industry leader—delivering the enterprise-grade testing needed to ensure the security, reliability, and compliance of today's extremely interconnected and interdependent applications.”

The latest release simplifies the testing of increasingly complex and heterogeneous composite applications through advanced support for:
* Testing Mainframe Subsystems—including DB2 databases, CICS regions, IMS.
* Highly-Complex Data Structures—parameterization of test & validation tools, graphical hierarchical data editor, import, backup/rollback, and more.
* Second-Generation Extension Framework—seamless support for “one-off” (custom or proprietary) capabilities and functionalities.
* Custom Message Formats—extending Parasoft’s intuitive interface to any message format (e.g., binary, proprietary, etc.).

Parasoft API Testing Details

Parasoft’s API Integrity solution was built from the ground up to simplify the complex testing that’s vital for secure, reliable, and compliant composite applications. The result:
* Reduced costs by reducing testing costs, reducing technical debt, and exposing defects earlier in the SDLC
* Reduced risks by applying more exhaustive testing techniques, increasing test coverage, and immediately exposing any defects introduced by modifications
* Increased efficiency by leveraging sophisticated automation and enabling artifact reuse

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