BlazeMeter Announces Full Integration to CloudBees by Implementing 'Single Sign Oní

Date 2013/6/18 8:14:34 | Topic: Product News

BlazeMeter, provider of the Apache JMeter™ based load testing platform, today announced its complete integration into CloudBees, the leading provider of Java Platform as a Service (PaaS), which provides a foundation for cloud development and deployment services.
BlazeMeter’s implementation of the Single Sign On process signifies its full integration into the CloudBees Platform. BlazeMeter became a CloudBees partner in November 2012, and now CloudBees users can seamlessly log into and purchase BlazeMeter’s performance testing services from within the CloudBees platform.

As a result of the integration, Java developers and CloudBees users will be able to performance test their websites, mobile sites or applications faster than ever and optimize application response before deploying to production!

Developers benefit from a load testing process that allows for on-demand engagement of realistic cloud testing as part of the CI process. BlazeMeter’s load testing platform simulates browser traffic that originates from the cloud and enables developers to better assess the realistic load capacity their websites, mobile sites or applications can handle. The BlazeMeter application also aids developers in identifying and resolving performance issues, then retesting as needed.

BlazeMeter also offers a Jenkins CI plugin for the open-source tool Jenkins that allows Jenkins developers the ability to launch comprehensive load tests in minutes, using next generation cloud testing tools.

"We're happy to be integrated with the CloudBees Platform. We created BlazeMeter for developers and devops so the built-in integration with CloudBees and Jenkins is the next step," said Alon Girmonsky, CEO, BlazeMeter. “CloudBees allows their customers to scale up very quickly and easily. Scalable load tests with BlazeMeter are cloud-based, fully automated and integrated into the continuous integration process. Our integration with CloudBees removes the friction from performance testing activities that can occur during the build cycle process.”

"We're excited to have BlazeMeter, an existing partner, move to a CloudBees Integrated Services partnership. Integrated Partners enable CloudBees users to add their services with a single click. The BlazeMeter team shares our vision for the cloud and the value it provides to developers. Part of this means delivering a simple, self-service approach for our mutual users to subscribe to services."

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