Couchbase Server 2.1 NoSQL Database Released

Date 2013/6/26 6:27:24 | Topic: Product News

Couchbase, Inc., a leader in NoSQL database technology and the company behind the Couchbase open source project, today announced the general availability of Couchbase Server 2.1, the latest release of its NoSQL document-oriented database. Today's release further strengthens Couchbase's leadership in scalability, performance, and always-on reliability with new features that improve disk utilization and latency, and augment the product's rich set of monitoring and management capabilities.

Couchbase today announced that Couchbase Server 2.1 is generally available, with new features that enhance the product's consistent high performance, easy scalability, and always-on availability.

Highlights of the new release include:
* A multi-threaded persistence engine that dramatically improves disk utilization, further expanding the use cases and workloads that Couchbase supports. The newly designed and tunable persistence engine increases resource efficiency for users on both commodity hardware and specialized servers.
* Cross datacenter replication optimizations, resulting in improved latency for data operations across clusters.
* Improved ongoing administration
* Performance and stability fixes to improve user experience across all supported platforms.


In conjunction with the 2.1 release, Couchbase also launched today a new user community portal, designed to provide enhanced technical content and serve as a focal point for knowledge sharing among Couchbase users. The portal offers language-specific sections for developers, a section for Couchbase ops/ admins, and a new interactive Q&A application that will replace the existing Couchbase Forums for community-based support.


"We continue to invest in strengthening and optimizing the core architecture of Couchbase Server, further differentiating us as the NoSQL solution that delivers reliability at scale for customers and users. With Couchbase Server 2.1, our multi-threaded persistence engine provides customers dramatic disk read and write performance, allowing them to extend the scope and scale of their applications." said Yaseen Rahim, Senior Vice President Products, Couchbase

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