Prezi Funds Development of New Elm Computer Programming Language

Date 2013/7/2 23:55:24 | Topic: Product News

Prezi, the zooming presentation tool, announces the hiring of Evan Czaplicki as part of an open source initiative to develop Elm, a new computer programming language, with the potential to drastically simplify front-end programming for the web.
"Traditionally, programming languages have been supported and marketed by the huge companies in tech; Bell Labs created C, Sun created Java, and currently Google is working on Dart and Go," says Prezi's CTO and Co-founder Peter Halacsy. "Now it has become easier for languages like Python and Ruby to succeed without a lot of money because open source creates a strong network when people are excited about an idea and can collaborate. We think Elm can contribute to open-source collaboration too."

Elm was born out of Czaplicki's senior thesis at Harvard where he was attempting to solve the problem of building complex applications in JavaScript. He aimed to do this by developing Elm -- an open source, statically-typed, functional-reactive programming language that compiles down to JavaScript and runs in a browser.

Evan joined Google's Gmail team in 2012 but continued working on Elm in his spare time and fostering an active community of developers to broaden the language. In February, Prezi invited Czaplicki to speak about Elm at MLOC.JS, a developer conference in Europe. At this conference Prezi approached Evan to join their team and work on Elm full-time as an open source initiative.

"Elm aims to make front-end programming less complex. The wtf/minute in a given JavaScript codebase can be pretty high, and I want to prove that we can do better by using the past 30 years of programming language research to create a language that makes it easier to get stuff done," said Czaplicki. "What attracted me to Prezi is that they are open to investing in a long-term solution rather than hoping that someone gets this whole JavaScript thing sorted out."

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