IDT Announces Automated Software Testing Advances

Date 2013/7/10 8:21:22 | Topic: Product News

Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT), provider of automated software testing solutions for complex, mission-critical systems, announces the release of two industry-leading enhancements to Automated Test and Re-test (ATRT): Test Manager.
ATRT: Test Manager now offers the expanded ability to design, manage and execute automated software tests for large-scale, heterogeneous systems. Secondly, ATRT: Test Manager now supports systems using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), in addition to supporting Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

"With this release, we are pleased to offer our customers significant upgrades to ATRT: Test Manager. Our products can now more effectively interact with and test large-scale systems. The addition of RDP will expand our user base and allow for ease of compatibility with Windows-based systems," said Bernie Gauf, CEO of IDT. "Our products have a great reputation for improving overall testing productivity and software quality; these enhancements, combined with our ability to test in the Cloud, will bolster that reputation."

ATRT: Test Manager, IDT's state-of-the-art automated software testing product, facilitates the efficient automation and integration of testing efforts across the entire software testing lifecycle. ATRT: Test Manager's model-based, scriptless approach to automated testing provides an intuitive, easy-to-use methodology with which developers can create and maintain automated tests. ATRT: Test Manager is one of a suite of software testing products developed under the ATRT program.

About IDT

Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) develops automated software testing solutions for large, complex, mission-critical systems. IDT's products and services dramatically accelerate test execution and reporting time, expand test coverage, and provide substantial cost savings.

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