Skytap Introduces Enterprise-Ready Hybrid Cloud Capabilities for Devops Professionals and Teams

Date 2013/7/11 8:06:42 | Topic: Product News

Skytap Inc., the leading provider of self-service cloud automation solutions, today announced new enterprise-ready hybrid cloud capabilities that allow IT operations and development and test (dev/test) professionals to quickly and securely extend on-premise environments to Skytap Cloud. The new features, including Network Address Translation (NAT), Command Line Interface (CLI) and Single Sign-On (SSO), enable dev/test teams to more quickly and easily deploy virtual environments in Skytap Cloud, while providing the security, visibility and control functionality required by enterprise IT.
'For enterprise organizations, adoption of public cloud infrastructure typically starts with migrating non-critical workloads, such as software development and testing. With increased cloud adoption, users have become accustomed to the benefits of public cloud and have tuned internal processes accordingly,' said Jay Lyman, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. 'To leverage both new technologies and practices as well as existing and legacy investment and infrastructure and to keep pace with demand while maintaining security and compliance regulations, enterprise IT teams are turning to hybrid cloud technologies that provide the best of both worlds.'

Skytap's new hybrid cloud features provide on-demand advanced networking and programming capabilities for development and testing in Skytap Cloud, while maintaining the visibility and control features mandated by enterprise IT. 

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