Free Idera SQL Integrity Check Detects SQL Server Database Corruption

Date 2013/9/3 7:02:29 | Topic: Product News

Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today announced the release of Idera SQL Integrity Check, a free tool that detects SQL Server database corruption issues.
SQL Integrity Check, the latest free tool from Idera, allows DBAs to skip the time-consuming task of writing and maintaining T-SQL scripts to find SQL Server database corruption issues. Now DBAs can leverage the easy-to-use SQL Integrity Check interface to continuously monitor SQL databases. Additional features include:
* Initiate Integrity Checks - Easily run a CHECKDB integrity check for any database, on-demand
* Identify Corruption - View integrity check results to identify database corruption
* Verify Last Integrity Check - Track date of last successful integrity check
* Automatic Notifications - Receive timely reminders to run integrity checks

"SQL Server databases house the most vital data of many businesses and organizations. Losing or altering the data costs money -- either in the form of lost productivity or lost revenue," said Josh Stephens, Vice President of Product Strategy at Idera. "This new addition to Idera's free product lineup gives DBAs a fully functioning yet easy-to-use tool to limit the risk of costly database damage."

"I think this tool is perfectly suited to fill a really large need. There are very few DBAs, even experienced DBAs, that have advanced knowledge in this area," said Robert L Davis, a SQL Certified Master and author. "I think this tool will be invaluable for DBAs that are not experienced with dealing with corruption."

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