Latest Qualitia Version Solves Object Identification Errors

Date 2013/9/5 7:29:53 | Topic: Product News

Qualitia announced the release of Qualitia Version 3.6 that provides software testing teams the most accurate, fast and easy object identification and management tool for Selenium on the market. This version introduces a point-and-click object identification mechanismthat lets users Identify objects with preferred locator type at simple clicks.
The majority of testing failures are triggered by object identification or management issues, not by application defects," said Chetan Shah, President. "In addition to providing a means for fast, accurate and easy object identification, Qualitia's mechanism enforces best practices and uniformity across users. Plus, a centralized object repository organizes objects for effortless object maintenance."

Qualitia Version 3.6 also includes these features:
* Integration with leading CI tools such as Hudson, Jenkins, and Bamboo
* Built-in version control integration
* Decision-based test executions and error handling

With current needs for shorter release cycles and greater demand for agility in development and QA, frequent testing can seem burdensome to developers. Continuous integration (CI) with testing tools is imperative to ensure regular and frequent testing. Qualitia easily integrates with CI tools and provides a structured, web-based dashboard to display status and detailed reporting. Qualitia's seamless integration with version control systems helps teams identify conflicts in testing by concurrent users through providing "smart alerts" that eliminate the need for rework.

Qualitia's new release also provides powerful capabilities to simplify test automation of complex cases by enabling decision-based, conditional structures and error handling while retaining the scriptless advantage. Even in complex scenarios, testers can optimize their back-end test design and development time when verifying dynamic data and objects, substantially reducing execution time. 

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