Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) Announces Enhancements to ATRT: Test Manager

Date 2013/11/6 7:55:47 | Topic: Product News

Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT), provider of automated software testing solutions for large, complex, mission-critical systems, announces the release of significant enhancements to its industry-leading software testing product, ATRT: Test Manager.
In the updates announced today, ATRT: Test Manager (v. 5.6.7) has added support for RTI DDS messaging protocol, which expands the product's current messaging capabilities. This version also offers a new message wizard, which simplifies the process of creating automated test cases for messaging. Lastly, this release provides text image search capability, which enables the search for text in drop down lists and tables.

ATRT: Test Manager facilitates the efficient automation and integration of testing efforts across the entire software testing lifecycle. The product's model-based, scriptless approach to automated software testing provides an intuitive, user-friendly methodology with which developers can create and maintain automated tests. ATRT: Test Manager is one of a suite of software testing products developed under the Automated Test and Re-Test (ATRT) program. IDT's products have a proven reputation for improving software quality while saving time and decreasing costs.

About IDT

Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) is an Arlington, Virginia-based provider of automated software testing and analysis solutions for large, complex, mission-critical systems. IDT's technology enables customers to test and assess software systems with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

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