Groovy 2.2 Has Been Released

Date 2013/11/22 8:04:32 | Topic: Product News

The Groovy team has announced the release of Groovy 2.2, the latest version of the Groovy programming language.
Groovy 2.2 features:
* Implicit closure coercion
* @Memoized AST transformation for methods
* Define base script classes with an annotation
* New DelegatingScript base class for scripts
* New @Log variant for the Log4j2 logging framework
* @DelegatesTo with generics type tokens
* Precompiled type checking extensions
* Groovysh enhancements
* Bintray's JCenter repository
* OSGi manifests for the “invoke dynamic” JARs
* And other minor bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements

You can read more detailed release notes:
Then download Groovy 2.2:

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