Announcing Spring Framework 4.0

Date 2013/12/16 8:56:14 | Topic: Product News

The Spring Framework re-invented enterprise Java in the last decade, becoming the dominant programming model in enterprise Java. The Spring team is releasing Spring Framework 4.0, a brand new major version of Spring that keeps Spring at the cutting edge of modern Java development. Together with the rest of the upcoming Spring IO Platform, Spring Framework 4.0 is positioned to empower the next decade of JVM based innovation, responding to, and setting trends in Developer Productivity, Big Data, Cloud, REST, and Micro Service Architecture.

Spring Framework 4.0 works beautifully with Java 8 and also allows applications to be written partially or entirely in Groovy, a concise dynamic language on the JVM. Spring Framework 4.0 also provides the foundation for new advances in the Spring IO platform such as Spring Boot. Spring Boot nearly eliminates initial configuration work altogether. Developer productivity options like these are typically associated with single-purpose frameworks that are limited in scope and simply do not offer the breadth, depth, and years of battle-tested production usage that Spring offers.

A major goal of Spring IO is to make Java a leader in developer productivity via components like Spring Boot. Edward Hieatt, at the SpringOne 2GX 2013 conference keynote, had some great remarks about Boot: “The bar for developer happiness and intolerance of boilerplate code has been set very high at Pivotal Labs, which historically has done a lot of Ruby on Rails development, our Ruby on Rails developers who use Spring Framework 4.0 with Spring Boot are impressed with its productivity and ability to address a wide range of scenarios on a single programming model.” Edward Hieatt is the chief operating officer at Pivotal Labs, who built the website using Spring Framework 4.0 and Spring Boot, among other technologies.


Spring Framework 4.0 offers 1st class Java 8 support now, based on the pre-release Java 8 builds, and will be immediately production-capable once OpenJDK 8 is GA in March 2014. Spring Framework 4.0 doesn’t just run on Java 8, it makes it really easy and natural to leverage new language features such as Lambdas, method references, JSR-310 date and time, and repeatable annotations. The framework also has been updated  to work with the latest versions of popular open source libraries like Hibernate, Quartz, and EhCache.

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