BlazeMeterís Load Testing Platform Enables Dynamic Master-Slave Clusters

Date 2014/2/10 9:19:40 | Topic: Product News

BlazeMeter, provider of the JMeter based load testing cloud, announced the release of their Dynamic Master-Slave feature. The new Master-Slave configuration provides an efficient way to run several load tests in parallel, all controlled by a single ‘Master’ test and then aggregates all test runs into a single report.
The dynamic configuration allows users to define a test as a Master before and during the test, in real-time. At any point before and during the load test run, additional tests, coined ‘Slaves’ can be added or removed from the Master configuration.

The new Master-Slave feature also aggregates the results from numerous test sessions simulating different business processes into one single report. This includes the option for aggregating the results from numerous geo locations. Previously, developers were required to define a single test that encompassed all processes. BlazeMeter’s Dynamic Master-Slave configuration alleviates the need for usage of JMeter’s Include Controller in the case of multiple JMX files, further simplifying test set up.

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