Idera Announces New SQL Traffic Accelerator

Date 2014/5/13 9:23:11 | Topic: Product News

Idera announced SQL Traffic Accelerator, a new product that accelerates and secures SQL Server traffic across the network. SQL Traffic Accelerator provides the following measurable benefits, enabling users to quantify results and reduce unnecessary spending on hardware and bandwidth.
Accelerated Application Performance - Applications utilizing a SQL database backend will see performance improvements of up to 10x.

Real-Time Replication Over WAN - Advanced compression and data packet optimization reduces bandwidth requirements, enabling even poor connections to perform like high speed LANs.

Enhanced Data Security - Provides end-to-end data encryption to extend transaction security across a network.

Improved Cloud Application Performance - Reduces perceived latency and lowers bandwidth utilization to eliminate bottlenecks for cloud-present application ecosystems.

"Public cloud migrations, data center consolidation, and the use of shared collocation facilities have placed many database systems remote from users, middleware tiers, and the rest of the application ecosystem," said Josh Stephens, Vice President of Product Strategy at Idera. "These movements create latency within database-oriented applications. SQL Traffic Accelerator is the secret weapon that improves application performance, ensures data integrity and reduces bandwidth consumption, whether the SQL Server is cross the WAN, in the cloud, or down the hall. Once again, Idera provides a tool that makes the DBA the hero." 

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