Typemock Releases Isolator V7.5 for .NET

Date 2014/5/22 8:43:38 | Topic: Product News

Isolator V7.5 for .NET is out now, packed with new features. This new version is all about giving you more confidence in your code, as well as jacking up your productivity:
* Cover more code – new Isolate.Invoke functionality allows you to test non-public methods that were hard to reach before, such as methods with ref/out parameters, or protected methods in base classes
* Catch potential bugs before QA – SmartRunner now covers more tests across more scenarios and supports NUnit TestCase tests
* Save some more coding time – test debugger now breaks only at the tested method level
* Run it everywhere – this version includes the anticipated TFS 2013 integration, plus a whole lot more

Isolator++ for C/C++ is the most powerful mocking framework, allowing you to test even the most problematic C/C++ legacy code.
* Supports 64 bit Windows
* Mock everything: Private methods, Global methods and Static methods
* Easy–to–use API and it’s compatible with all major test runners and code coverage tools

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