Parasoft and Skytap Deliver Cloud-Based Development Testing

Date 2014/6/5 6:21:50 | Topic: Product News

Parasoft and Skytap announced a joint offering that delivers cloud-based Development Testing. The joint solution featuring Parasoft Development Testing Platform (which includes Parasoft Static Analysis and Unit Testing) and Skytap Cloud provides on-demand access to multiple, concurrent test environments and continuous integration.
“There is no doubt that all modern companies are software companies,” stated Wayne Ariola, Chief Strategy Officer for Parasoft Corporation. “This new reality has created an unprecedented demand for accelerating software delivery without compromising quality. Companies must continuously test at every stage of the SDLC. This means that Development Testing practices like static analysis and unit testing must be automated and 'baked into' the process of delivering software.”

“Most development and QA teams do not have sufficient access to test environments to test as often and broadly as they want to,” said Brian White, Vice President of Products at Skytap. “Parasoft and Skytap offer dev/test teams the ability to spin-up self-service test environments on-demand. The results are better test coverage, faster defect remediation and higher quality software.” 

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