Celoxis Technologies Releases Celoxis 8.0

Date 2014/7/14 9:40:12 | Topic: Product News

Celoxis Technologies announced today the release of Celoxis 8.0 the latest version of their project management tool. This release is the second major update within a span of 2 months. While Celoxis 7.0 focused mainly on user experience and speed, 8.0 delivers a host of new features and enhancements to users.
"Our customer centric development process has been key to our success. Celoxis 8.0 is attributed to all the enhancements and features our customers have been suggesting to us,” said Ravindra Wankar, Co-Founder, Celoxis Technologies. “With Celoxis 8.0, we wanted to prove that we take our “Top 5” tag very seriously. 2014 is about taking “being best” to a whole new level,” added Nikhil Daddikar, co-founder, Celoxis Technologies.

Here are the highlights of the new release:
· Manual task scheduling
· Ability to build custom apps in Celoxis
· Fill time on any pre-defined processes
· Automatic time sheet reminder
· Pre-fill weekly time
· Google Drive Integration

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