Ranorex 5.1 Adds Android Mobile Web Testing

Date 2014/7/17 8:48:05 | Topic: Product News

The Ranorex 5.1 release of the Ranorex software testing tool extends the mobile web testing capabilities with Android web testing. This enables not only cross platform web test automation, but also increases object recognition for hybrid apps.
In addition, the new version allows accessing SMS text messages, battery level, CPU and memory states for mobile devices. General enhancements in terms of unique identification capabilities for Android controls, support for dynamic actions on custom mobile controls and general reporting enhancements have been added as well.

To protect Chrome users from malicious extensions, Google will only allow extensions to the Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store. Ranorex 5.1 has switched to a new Ranorex Chrome Web Store extension and finally to deliver continued full test automation support for Google Chrome while keeping pace with Google’s long term strategy.

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