StrongLoop Announces Node.js API Server for Developing, Securing and Scaling REST APIs

Date 2014/7/28 9:52:55 | Topic: Product News

StrongLoop has announced the immediate availability of the StrongLoop API Server which makes it easy for developers to rapidly develop, deploy, secure and scale REST APIs written in Node. The ubiquity of mobile devices along with the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving a huge need for APIs that can connect devices to new and legacy data. Node has emerged as the technology of choice for creating these APIs because of its asynchronous design and the ability for developers to rapidly code using their existing skillset in JavaScript.
The StrongLoop API Server is a set of components that work together to quickly take your API project from development to production. Features include:
* LoopBack 2.0:  An open source framework for quickly creating APIs with Node. LoopBack includes client SDKs.
* mobile Backend-as-a-Service: An mBaaS to provide mobile services like push, offline-sync, geopoint and social login either on-premise or in the cloud.
* Connectors: Connectivity for Node apps leveraging over ten supported data sources including Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB and SOAP.
* Controller: Automated DevOps for Node apps including profiling, clustering, process management and log management capabilities.
* Monitoring: A hosted or on-premise graphical console for monitoring resource utilization, response times and function tracing with the ability to send metrics to existing monitoring tools.

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