FoundationDB Launches General Availability of SQL Layer

Date 2014/9/11 9:41:09 | Topic: Product News

FoundationDB has announced the general availability of SQL Layer, a SQL database engine powered by the FoundationDB Key-Value Store. Best suited for operational applications with high concurrency, such as running a popular web site, SQL Layer inherits the properties of the FoundationDB Key Value Store including high performance, multi-node scalability, and fault tolerance.
In an exciting real-world application of this technology, Spree Commerce, the leading open source ecommerce platform, is now able to run on SQL Layer, inheriting the benefits of easy scalability and exceptional fault tolerance.

News Highlights:
* SQL Layer, a free open-source SQL database, joins the FoundationDB ecosystem.
* SQL Layer natively supports multi-machine scalability and fault-tolerance by storing all persistent data in the FoundationDB Key Value Store.
* SQL Layer can power many of the world's web sites with little modification via compatibility with many popular Object Relational Mappers (ORMs) including ActiveRecord (Ruby/Rails), Django (Python), Hibernate (Java), SQLALchemy (Python), Doctrine (PHP) and EntityFramework (.NET).
* SQL Layer and open-source ecommerce platform, Spree Commerce, are now available together via a pre-configured, one button deployment via GoGrid.

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