IssueTrak Version 9.9 Available

Date 2014/10/2 8:00:15 | Topic: Product News

IssueTrak, a global leader in providing software for tracking issues and processes, today announces the release of IssueTrak Version 9.9 in response to customer demands for changes that improve usability. Newly added and enhanced features provide greater flexibility, improved accessibility to existing features and more robust customization of screens and fields. IssueTrak 9.9 includes many changes from new functionality and features, to minor adjustments that make the user experience more intuitive and the software more relevant to today's complex business environment.

"This release reflects a new focus on ease of use that will be at the forefront of all of our future releases," said Ken Taylor, director of development for IssueTrak. "We see IssueTrak as not just another software tool for our customers, but a vehicle to provide positive business outcomes for our customers."

IssueTrak responded to customers' requests for greater usability and customization of their IssueTrak experience. By streamlining the user interface, everything needed is in one of two places giving users easier access to frequently used menu items. Users can now access menu options when scrolling. IssueTrak also incorporated larger, more consistent input elements, and expanded customization options allowing users to change the color of the top bar and the separator line, set the browser title to whatever text they prefer, and specify their own favicon.

IssueTrak 9.9 now supports an unlimited number of user-defined fields in the Issue Records and includes three additional types of user-defined fields. Modified custom screens include "drag and drop" functionality, which helps increase screen configurability. Screens also include explanatory text options, customized section headers, and increased control of required fields. 

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