ClustrixDB Simplifies Transition From MySQL to a Distributed Database

Date 2014/10/2 8:07:01 | Topic: Product News

Clustrix has announced that its latest version of ClustrixDB, the first scale-out database designed to meet the needs of fast growing e-commerce sites, is plug-and-play compatible with MySQL. Built from the ground up to be MySQL compatible, ClustrixDB offers a distributed scale-out architecture designed to accommodate the ever-increasing traffic demands online retailers face without the need for costly replatforming.
MySQL is an excellent entry-level relational database. However, as an organization's e-commerce website begins to gain traction, the increased traffic can overwhelm the database capacity, slowing down MySQL performance or stopping it altogether. Scaling out a MySQL database requires the creation of complex architectures which are difficult to build and maintain. Thus, most companies try to scale-up MySQL instead, buying the most expensive server array they can afford until they can no longer enlarge their database server hardware.

With ClustrixDB, organizations can simply add additional servers to the database cluster and experience linear scale in both capacity and throughput. There is no need for re-architecting or sharding the database -- splitting a single database into multiple ones to increase performance, but requiring complex application logic to ensure careful integration of all transactions.

"Most companies didn't start with a scale-out architecture for their database, and we understand that," said Mike Azevedo, CEO of Clustrix. "Despite it being a widely popular relational database, MySQL will without a doubt experience problems with scale, performance and complex operations as demand picks up and the database reaches capacity. That's where ClustrixDB comes in."

ClustrixDB includes support for the following:
* ACID compliance - ability to ensure the integrity of each database transaction
* MySQL query syntax - ability to be code-compatible with MySQL code
* Mysqldump support - ability to easily import a MySQL instance
* MVCC support - ensuring lock contention minimized between writes & reads
* MySQL replication - allows Clustrix and MySQL to replicate to each other
* Stored procedures - ability to pre-compile often-used code for performance and code-reuse
* Partitioning - segmenting hot and cold data for performance
* Temporary tables - ability to create live schema changes
* Foreign keys - ability to guarantee the parent/child relationship between tables

With e-commerce growing at a rate of 20 percent per year, online retailers will begin to question whether their database can keep pace. ClustrixDB's MySQL compatibility allows for an easy transition from MySQL, with minimal code changes. With ClustrixDB, any fast growing e-commerce company can scale their database and simply add capacity as their traffic load grows. 

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