KADOS - Open Source Scrum

Date 2014/10/6 7:37:39 | Topic: Presentations

KADOS is a web tool for managing Agile projects (Scrum more specifically) through visual boards on which are displayed post-its representing User Stories, Tasks, Activities, Issues, Actions, Bugs and any objects you wanted your project to manage.

The main distinctive KADOS feature is post-its on boards! To be efficient, post-its are managed on walls and this is inserted in a project organization consistent with Agile and Scrum approaches. Then, taking advantage of putting post-it in a database, why not use the boards for all post-its attributes. Most tools use columns board just to change the post-it status, but it's not that difficult to use board for setting priority, business value, complexity, hierarchy, etc...This is why you will find a lot of "dashboards" in KADOS. Each one will perform an attribute change for post-its. Therefore, you have no lists or elaborate forms for managing post-its, just boards with columns.


Read the complete presentation on http://www.methodsandtools.com/tools/kados.php

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